Wow! What a Nanny! CNN Hero, Marie Da Silva

Do you know anyone who feeds 320 children using their nanny salary?  I do!

I’m so excited to announce that GoNannies has joined forces with Nanny Marie Da Silva, CNN Hero and Founder of The Jacaranda Foundation to help feed and educate AIDS-orphaned children in Malawi, Africa.

Last year, Da Silva continued to donate about 30% of her nanny salary and rallied 11 of her fellow nannies who each pledged $10/month to The Foundation.   Because the donations are used to directly feed and educate the children, those $10/month contributions were able to provide food and supplies for 30 children for a full year.  During that year, the school has grown to over 300 students and includes a secondary school, necessary text books, better trained teachers and more.  The school is also proud to be seeing  their first graduates go on to college!

GoNannies is so proud to help support the Jacaranda Foundation and invite our nannies, families, and all other caregivers to help make a difference.  Nannies can visit the Jacaranda Foundation website HERE to join our joint “GoNannies for Jacaranda” $1 per month campaign to help feed and educate these amazing children.  Families and other caregivers can show their support by making a donation or pledge on the Foundation’s How To Help page.  And remember, even a small donation makes a difference…after all, this foundation started with just one nanny! 

Marie is a shining example that we can all pitch in to make a difference.  I encourage you to view the CNN Heroes segment to see what amazing work Marie and the Foundation are doing and to see why she’s such an inspiration to me and so many others!