Marcia Hall

Since 1996, Marcia Hall has been working with children and families as a Certified Professional Nanny and an ACPI Certified Coach for Families. In 2011 she was named the International Nanny Association’s Nanny of the Year. Marcia is a graduate of the English Nanny and Governess School and is an INA Credentialed Nanny. She is an advocate for children in every area of her life having served as a children’s ministry director, a “Big” with the Big Brothers and Big Sisters program and as a foster parent.

Marcia has extensive experience working with families who have children aged newborn through teen. She launched Strong Roots Family Coaching because she believes that all children are born with great potential. She’s passionate about empowering parents to find the best ways to support, encourage, and nurture their children as they build a deeper connection.

Marcia and her husband Scott reside in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with their 3 year old daughter Nadia and their 8 month old foster daughter, Lucy. In addition to being a full time mommy, Marcia cares for children in her home and provides respite care for mothers of special needs children.

Marcia works with families of any age and size as a Family Coach. She educates families in her community and around the country through workshops, one on one coaching and through her writing. She writes weekly for a blog called YOUR Parenting Questions. Her first book Parenting Responsively co-written with 11 other ACPI Parent Coaches came out the summer of 2011.

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