30 Blogs With Eco-Friendly Parenting Tips

Parenting is all about teaching children the values and lessons they’ll need to grow into productive, responsible adults. The importance of instilling ecologically-responsible habits into youngsters has never before been emphasized like it is today, as the impact of climate change becomes more well-known. These 30 bloggers tackle the issue of parenting, eco-friendly style.

Green Parties and Gatherings

Kids love parties of any kind, especially when they’re the guest of honor. Unfortunately, the average child’s birthday party generates an incredible amount of waste in the form of disposable plates, cups and plastic cutlery. These five blogs offer great tips, hints and tricks for making sure that all of your kids’ parties are green and responsible.

Sustainable Eating

Teaching kids to eat healthily and make good dietary choices can be challenging. Explaining the importance of sustainable eating, however, will also be instilling the habit of eating well and choosing nutritious, low-footprint foods. Within these five blogs you’ll find ideas for sustainable kids’ cuisine and tips for helping your children make the right choices when it comes to food.


According to the Real Diaper Association, it takes a disposable diaper anywhere from 200-500 years to completely decompose, and 92% of the 27.4 billion single-use diapers sold end up in a landfill. These five blog entries are dedicated to sustainable diapering practices, keeping your little one clean and dry without contributing to climate change.

Natural Toys

While the manufacturing practices of many major toy companies are questionable at best, producing toys that have been known to contain hazardous chemicals, there are ecologically-sound toys available on the market. Tracking down and making your own earth-friendly toys to keep your children entertained are the subject of these five blog posts.

Teaching Kids About the Environment

All of the most sustainable, earth-conscious parenting practices in the world won’t teach your child about the importance of preserving the environment if your reasons are never discussed. Teaching kids about the dangers of climate change can be tricky, as imaginative little minds envision global devastation on an immediate scale. These five blogs entries are filled with ideas for imparting environmental knowledge in an age-appropriate manner.

Keeping Chores Green

Teaching kids to keep track of and complete their chores can be an exercise in teaching responsibility, a precursor to money-management training, or simply an effort to include kids in the completion of household duties. Whatever the reasoning, these five blogs will help you make sure that those chores are part of an earth-conscious upbringing.