Tips for Conducting Video Interviews

In an industry where worldwide or cross-country hiring is common, video interviews offer a viable way for families to get a feel for a prospective nanny and nannies to get a sense for their potential new employing family.

While a video interview is similar to a face-to-face interview, you should use these tips to ensure you are expressing your best self and appear ready to take on the job in a capable and confident manner:

Be Prepared

Rather than fumbling for information or rambling on for most of the time you could be personally connecting with your interviewer, email or fax over any pertinent background information or credentials for their perusal. It will show you are professional, proactive and organized – and allow them to ask any follow-up questions to clarify items of note and cut back on extra interviews or the need to touch base to double check things that could prolong the hiring process. Make sure your power source is secure and reliable; it looks unprofessional if you have to scramble for a cord mid-interview because you’re laptop is dying. You should also fully understand the technology you are using; you want to be able to relax and concentrate on the interview.

Dress the Part

Just because you’re connecting online doesn’t mean you should be any less professional. Skip the pajama pants you’re sure won’t even show (imagine if the smoke alarm goes off or you suffer a sudden coughing fit and need to hop up for a moment) and take a few minutes to dress the part. Not only will you appear more professional, you’ll also be in a more professional mode during the conversation. (Additionally, be aware of the angle of the camera in case your top appears to be more revealing than it otherwise would.)

Do a Background Check

This doesn’t mean run your own background check or even one for your potential employers. Just turn around and take an objective look at what the interviewer will be seeing behind you. If it’s a cluttered mess, facing the bathroom or the wall features a poster from your visit to the Guinness Brewery, you might not make an ideal first impression. Clear any personal items and set yourself up in a well lit area with a plain, uncluttered background. Use a picture-in-picture option so you can see how you look to the viewer.

Make Eye Contact

Although it might seem slightly awkward, be aware of where the camera is and make eye contact with the lens when responding to questions. You can then glance down slightly at the screen to the viewer’s face as they respond or follow up with further queries. You are trying to create an atmosphere of transparency and trust as you connect for a potential relationship that will involve sharing their children’s lives, and making eye contact exudes confidence and can make everyone feel more comfortable.

Keep Down Ambient Noise

You are trying to convince prospective families that you are capable, confident and a person of authority who can handle the job. The camera’s audio will pick up every little noise in the background, so if you are nervously tapping your pen, kicking your chair or rustling papers, you may come across as nervous or less trustworthy. (Obviously, ensure you won’t have televisions or music from another room invading your interview – or pets or small children distracting you or the interviewer.)

Be Yourself

Part of the unique nature of a nanny-family relationship is that it is both personal and professional. Don’t be so buttoned up that you are afraid to crack a smile or show your personality. While your background and skills are certainly important, it’s also important that you are a good fit for the family and vice versa. If you have a funny, appropriate story that demonstrates your love for kids or enjoyment of being a nanny, feel free to share that or other common interests that may help you connect to the parents or the kids and up your chances of making the top of their list.

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2 thoughts on “Tips for Conducting Video Interviews

  1. Great tips and advice. Be yourself. Try a test run with friends or family ahead of time to get rid of any nervousness. Always keep it professional!.

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