Home Improvements Anyone Can Do

A leaky faucet, an overgrown lawn and a broken step often prompt people to call in service personnel right away to avoid the hassle of completing the work yourself. However, home improvement tasks – even new construction – are often simpler than you think.

As a parent or nanny, you can tackle minor home improvement jobs in a flash with some quick fixes and décor tricks that will save you money and offer a sense of accomplishment. Why not launch a DIY project with the kids that the entire family can admire for years to come? Try these suggestions from interior design professionals and dress up your home.


For an easy to do fix, splash some color on your walls to spruce up your home. Painting a room when using the right colors can add warmth, texture and depth to any room, says Bayanne Mihtar, San Diego-based interior designer with Bayanne Design Group. “This is an easy to do and inexpensive project that will change the look of a room and lift the mood when you feel you have created a brand new space,” she says.

When painting, the time you will spend brushing on your favorite color will be significantly less than the time you spend preparing to paint, as 80% of the project is taping and setting up painting mats and tarps to cover your furniture, says Mihtar.

Once you are ready to roll the paint brush, always do brush work in corners first and then use the roller to flatten any brush strokes, says Mihtar. “Using an extension pole will cut the effort and save time in the paint job,” she says.

Kitchen Face Lifts

If you are tired of preparing meals in an outdated kitchen, you can give your cooking space a makeover without breaking the bank. “Giving your kitchen a face lift can encourage you to become a gourmet chef, or at least prepare more meals at home,” says Mihtar. “New paint color on the cabinets and hardware is all you need to begin the project.”

Begin by removing the doors and drawers and labeling the spots where they belong for easy re-installation. Use a couple coats of gloss or semigloss paint on the doors and cabinets, suggests Mihtar. “Adding a sealer after they have dried ensures they will last longer against use,” she says.

Once you have spruced up the color, it’s time to begin shopping for new hardware, such as handles and knobs. “Make sure to take the old hardware when purchasing new ones to make sure you get the correct size,” warns Mihtar.

Updating Bathrooms

You don’t have to be a contractor or construction professional to update bathrooms in your home. Simply work with the accessories to bring about a new look to one of the most used rooms in your home. “By adding molding around a frameless mirror, you can give a new look to your bath,” says Mihtar. “Adding new bath accessories and a new shower curtain can make you feel as if you are on vacation.”

Creating a Hobby Room

If you have extra space in your home, treat yourself to a hobby room by transforming a small guest room or office into a luxurious “me” room. “Whether you’re into art, sewing, gift wrapping or scrapbooking, you can fill your time by being able to have a space all to yourself to do something enjoyable,” says Mihtar. “By painting the room, adding organizational shelves, a desk or a table, you can have the room of your dreams.

Make the room multifunctional, too, by adding a pull out couch to host guests in your home during the holidays or summer vacations.


If you want to add more of a designer look to your kitchen, bathroom or entry way, consider launching a project with tile. “There are some really great products out there that allow the homeowner to do these types of projects on their own,” says Alena Capra, interior designer and owner of Alena Capra Designs in Dania Beach, Fla. “For example, there is a beautiful stainless steel 3×6 brick tile that has adhesive on the back. It is available in two finishes and you can basically stick them on your backsplash yourself and even create some really cool patterns.”

The benefits of doing these projects on your own instills a sense of accomplishment and sets a prime example for your children. “It is also cost effective and often fun projects to take on without being too messy,” says Capra.

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