Discipline and More: The Best Parenting Books for Nannies

Even with the best training, there may come a time when a nanny is stumped on how to help a child, discipline him or keep him entertained. Luckily, parenting books offer a rich variety of tips and strategies that can keep your household or the one you work for running smoothly.

Beyond browsing the family and parenting section of your local bookstore or library, check out these books that offer advice on discipline and more.

Nanny to the Rescue!: Straight Talk and Super Tips for Parenting in the Early Years

America’s Nanny offers a large dose of healthy parenting advice with secrets for raising happy, secure, and well-balanced babies and toddlers. Babies don’t come with instructions, unfortunately, and many of today’s parents find themselves overwhelmed with schedules and demands, with little time to bone up on their parenting skills.

Often removed from grandparents and relatives, who lived next door or just down the street in times past, they have no one to guide them through the disorienting world of raising children. Enter Nanny to the Rescue! Michelle LaRowe, 2004 International Nanny Association “Nanny of the Year,” gives her tried and true solutions to childcare. Her expertise, with chapters titled “Who’s the boss?” and “Discipline is not a four letter word”, gives confidence to parents who need specific ideas for real day-to-day problems.

A proud member of Christian Nannies, Michelle also offers foundational truths that are sure to help encourage moms and dads.

Nanny 911: Expert Advice for All Your Parenting Emergencies

Regain control of your children with simple, direct, nanny-tested measures. Is your life chaotic? Are your kids running the show? Do you feel like you’re more of a zookeeper than a parent? Take heart, America. When your family’s in trouble, Nanny 911 is there on the double. Brats are not born, they’re made, and no one knows that better than Deborah Carroll and Stella Reid—Nanny Deb and Nanny Stella—the stars of the overnight hit television show on the Fox network.

Each week, up to 10 million viewers tune in to see the nannies take charge and transform one family’s utter chaos into serenity. No matter how loud the tantrums or how clueless the parents, Nanny Deb and Nanny Stella help them become the families they always wanted to be.

Now the nannies share their remarkable wisdom with millions of overwhelmed parents who are desperate for foolproof parenting advice at their fingertips. They’ll show that parents need to change their behavior first—because when there are no consequences for naughty behavior, kids quickly realize there’s no reason for the naughtiness to stop. And when mom and dad just don’t know what to do, the kids take over. You’ll learn how to confront problems head-on by using firm but loving discipline, effective communication, and the implementation of clear House Rules.

The Best Nanny Handbook: The Ultimate Guide For Nannies

The Best Nanny Handbook, written by Emma Kensington, covers all aspects of being a nanny. Complete childcare, communicating with parents, salaries, taxes, live-in situations and everything else you need to know about being a nanny is in this book. This handbook is a great reference for nannies and an excellent source of information for people who are thinking about becoming a nanny. Every nanny should read it cover to cover and keep it close by.

Supernanny: How to Get the Best From Your Children

Jo Frost, a.k.a “Supernanny,” is the answer to every stressed parent’s problems. In ABC’s primetime series, Jo works miracles on difficult children by dispensing no-nonsense rules and reassuring us that parents really do know best. The Supernanny method gives parents the know-how to tackle any problem area, be it mealtime, bathtime, bedtime, bedwetting, homework, sibling rivalry, aggressive behavior, or a child who just won’t do what he or she is told.

In an era where parents are bombarded with conflicting or guilt-laden messages at every turn and sometimes obey their kids’ commands rather than the other way around, this is an upbeat, back-to-basics approach to restoring harmony and authority in the home.

Chapters include:

  • Ages and Stages
  • Routines and Rules
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Dressing
  • Toilet Training
  • Eating
  • Social Skills
  • Bedtime
  • Quality Time
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