50 Ways Nannies Can Help Moms Who are Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding moms face a unique challenge when going back to work. While life has to continue on as it did pre-baby, they are now faced with the added task of feeding their baby while at home and providing expressed milk when they are not. Nannies can help make this process easier by following the tips outlined in these 50 blogs.

Food Shopping Tips

It’s important for breastfeeding moms to focus on consuming high quality, nutrient dense foods and avoid empty calories, both for her nutrition and for that of the baby. You’ll find healthy food suggestions that support breastfeeding on these 10 blogs.

  • Buy fruits and vegetables for the new mom. Baby Center encourages breastfeeding moms to eat a well-balanced diet to benefit both her and the baby.
  • Pick up snacks that are high in protein and nutrient dense for mom. Baby Zone suggests granola; you can even grab the ingredients and make it from scratch.
  • Put together some snacks and stash them in the nursery for mom. Parents explains that it’s important that Mom keep her strength up and snack often.
  • Avoid buying empty calories for mom. Help Mom choose nutrient dense foods and avoid foods comprised of empty calories, says Choose My Plate.
  • Brew Mom a fresh cup – or two! – of coffee. According to Eat Right, the caffeine in 24 ounces of coffee will not harm or affect the baby.
  • Buy plenty of fruits and vegetables, but wash them well. The Mayo Clinic advises that breastfeeding moms eat nutrient rich foods like fresh produce; just make sure they’re washed well to remove all pesticides and chemicals.
  • Add sweet potatoes to the cart. Live Strong explains that sweet potatoes are high in vitamin A, which is an important vitamin for baby.
  • Don’t buy pork. Eirene Health Shop shares a list of foods to avoid; sausage and bacon are at the top of the list.
  • Get plenty of leafy greens. Encourage mom to eat plenty of vegetables, including leafy greens that are high in calcium and folate.
  • Help her drink plenty of water. Add fresh fruit to pitchers of water or buy water mix-ins to encourage Mom to stay hydrated. Spark People explains that breast milk is 50% water, so it’s important for moms to drink plenty of water.

Breast Milk Pumping Help

While nannies can’t pump for their employer, they can do other things to help. These 10 sites recommend different ways you can ease some of the burden of pumping for your employer.

  • Keep pump equipment washed and dried. The University of Rochester Medical Center explains how to care for the breast pump and collection kit.
  • Pick up breast milk bags when supplies are getting low. Medela has bags for storing and freezing breast milk.
  • Keep nursing area clean and organized. Make sure there are books, magazines or audio books available for Mom while breastfeeding, suggests Women’s Health.
  • Record some shows for mom to watch while breastfeeding. The Stir suggests catching up on TV shows while breastfeeding.
  • Provide mom with some books to read to the baby while breastfeeding. This bonding time is also the perfect time for mom to start reading to the baby, says When did I get like this?
  • Train as a lactation specialist. Nannies can get training to help new moms breastfeed effectively at a place like Lactation Education Resources.
  • Talk to mom about pacifiers. Kelly Mom advises against pacifiers during the first two months – longer if possible – so it’s important to discuss this with mom.
  • Offer to pick up expressed breast milk from Mom. If Mom is pumping at work, she may be concerned about keeping the milk safe. Newborn Care suggests that the nanny offer to pick up the expressed milk.
  • Keep track of baby’s feedings. The Bump offers a free printable form that the nanny can use to keep track of feedings for Mom.
  • Know how to properly store breast milk and save leftovers. La Leche League reviews the guidelines for storing breast milk.

Activities for Toddlers

Once you leave for the night, the other kids are going to want Mom’s attention at the same time that the baby needs to be breastfed. To help keep active toddlers busy, prepare some non-messy activities that allow them to be close to Mom. These 10 sites provide some fun ideas.

  • Put together craft kits for toddlers. Choose crafts that don’t make a big mess or include a lot of small pieces so that the toddler can stay near Mom while doing it. Several options are available on AMC.
  • Create magnetic paper dolls. Paper Thin Personas shares how to create paper dolls and stick them to magnetic sheets so that toddlers can play on the floor near Mom while she is breastfeeding.
  • Make a craft box so the kids can stay busy while the mom nurses. Family Crafts describes how to put together this craft box and gives examples of items to include.
  • Put together waxy strings and a canvas board. Artchoo shares a simple project that the kids can do while Mom is breastfeeding.
  • Set up a mess free finger paint station. Hippie Housewife explains how to set up this craft station so that the toddler can squish paint around while sitting at the table and Mom can nurse in a nearby chair.
  • Cut out some pictures of animal parts and adhere them to some paper. Art Mommie posts about a project where the child is expected to continue drawing the animal from a partial picture.
  • Package up some window clings and page protectors for the toddler. Inner Child Fun explains how to find window clings at the dollar store. Let the kids use them on page protectors to make scenes.
  • Provide paper and stickers in a bag for the toddler. Toddlers love stickers, so grab a variety pack or themed stickers and let the kids create a scene on some paper like Faemom Crafts for Toddlers, Preschoolers and Kids suggests.
  • Grab some pipe cleaners and egg cartons and let the kids get creative. Mom Me suggests having toddlers try to make animals from these items.
  • Put together yarn and a baggie full of colored pasta that kids can string. Yahoo Voices explains how kids can make necklaces or bracelets out of pasta while working on their dexterity and hanging out with Mom.

Recipes for Toddler Snacks

For breastfeeding moms who also have toddlers, life can seem endlessly crazy. Help her out by ensuring that her older kids have healthy snacks already prepared. Whip up some of the recipes found in these 10 posts.

  • Cut up fresh fruit to leave in the fridge for toddlers to snack on while mom nurses. Wholesome Toddler Food suggests letting the toddlers dip the fruit in yogurt.
  • Mix up some fruity pink yogurt and stash it in the fridge. Weelicious provides the recipe for this simple, wholesome snack.
  • Freeze up a batch of no sugar added fruit bars. These bars are a refreshing summer snack for toddlers and come together quickly with the directions on What to Expect.
  • Whip up some pumpkin dip and sliced apples. Cooking Light urges moms to get their kids to try new and healthy foods, but it can be hard for a breastfeeding mom to squeeze finding and making new snacks into her day; help out by making different dishes for her and stashing them in the fridge.
  • Make up a batch of oatmeal snack cakes. Parenting shares the recipe for these snack cakes that can be used as breakfast-on-the-go or a healthy snack.
  • Get creative and make these frozen banana penguins. Treat the kids to a tasty and fun snack that they can eat and play with while Mom is busy nursing. Directions for this adorable snack can be found on Reading Confetti.
  • Leave a tray of strawberry mice with cheese in the fridge. Spoonful explains how to put together these fun snacks that the whole family will love.
  • Bake a batch of these banana bread muffins. For Love of Cupcakes shares this recipe for simple, healthy banana bread muffins that can be eaten for breakfast or as a snack.
  • Spread peanut butter between apple slices and roll edges in nuts or granola. Glad encourages you to make these snacks and place them in small storage bowls so they are ready when the toddler or mom needs a snack.
  • Blend up a batch of blueberry and cucumber smoothies. Make this refreshing, healthy smoothie from Positively Simple. Since there’s no ice cream or ice cubes in it, you can even keep extra in the fridge.

Slow Cooker Recipes

Going to work all day is exhausting for anyone – add in breastfeeding and you can end up feeling like a zombie. Take the guesswork out of dinner and help ease some of the stress of the day for your breastfeeding mama by preparing one of these 10 slow cooker recipes.

  • Bake potatoes in the slow cooker. Martha Stewart shares a recipe for stuffed baked potatoes in the slow cooker – the filling can be whipped up in about 10 minutes.
  • Mix up a batch of slow cooker chili. This dish from My Recipes can sit until Mom is ready to eat and can be made with turkey or beef, depending on preference.
  • Put short ribs in bbq sauce early to have tender meat when it’s time to eat. Kraft Recipes shares this rib recipe – just add a veggie for a complete meal!
  • Surprise Mom with a batch of sesame chicken. Has Mom been craving take-out? Surprise her by making up a batch of sesame chicken in the slow cooker and start a batch of rice in the rice cooker before you leave. Recipe found on Moms with Crock Pots.
  • Start a batch of sloppy Joe meat. This meat freezes well, so if there are leftovers it can be used another time. Find the recipe on Moms Who Think.
  • Did you know you can roast a chicken in a slow cooker? Mom Advice explains how you can easily roast a chicken in a crock pot so that it’s ready for dinner when Mom gets home.
  • Get Mom some much needed vitamin A by making this sweet potato soup. Paleo Pot shares this recipe for making sweet potato soup in the slow cooker.
  • Help Mom eat right by roasting a turkey breast in the slow cooker. Skinny Ms. explains how to prepare this dish so that the breast ends up tender and moist.
  • Encourage Mom to eat more protein by making a batch of Lemon Braised Chicken and beans. The Kitchn describes how to use inexpensive beans and a couple of boneless, skinless chicken thighs to make this stew.
  • Provide a comforting meal for a sleep-deprived mom by making this Cheesy casserole. Six Sister’s Stuff shares a cheesy hashbrown casserole recipe that will make a tasty side dish to some burgers Dad can grill.
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