7 Great Picture Books About Adoption

By Marcia Hall

Parents who plan to adopt children often have fears that parents of biological children never encounter.  Will I bond with my child?  Will she miss her biological parents?  Will she someday begin to ask difficult questions that I don’t have the answers for?

The emotions and difficulties adopted children face can seem overwhelming.  Many parents believe waiting to answer these questions until the child is older is the best approach.  However, for many parents, helping their adopted child understand what it means to be adopted while she is young can bring peace and acceptance to her life as she grows.  Here are a few wonderful books that can help families of adoption answer some of the more difficult questions.

God Found Us YOU – Lisa Tawn Bergren and Laura J. Bryant – This is an enjoyable book about the longing a woman can have when waiting for an adopted child to arrive. The baby fox asks again and again for his mom to tell him the story of when he came to live with his mommy.  Mommy fox tells the story with love and honesty, remembering the heartache and joys that the process brought to her.

Choco – Keiko Kasza - Adorable Choco, who is a small yellow bird, is desperate to find a mommy.  He asks all the other animals that have similar features, because he’s sure that his mommy must look like him.  When he finally finds a mommy, he is so glad she looks just the way she does.  This book is amazing for parents that adopt children who do not look the same.

Rosie’s Family – Lori Rosove – This book is wonderful for children who love dogs.  Rosie is a dog that does not look like the other dogs in her family because she was adopted.  Children will enjoy reading about Rosie and knowing that families come in all shapes and sizes.

Shaoey and Dot – Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman – Shaoey is a little girl who was surrendered by her mother in China and is eventually adopted by family with several other biological children.  Dot is her little ladybug friend that travels through the journey as she enters an orphanage, meets her future mommy and daddy and goes to the US to be adopted. A sweet book for the child that wonders what happened before adoption.

A Blessing From Above – Patti Hederson-  A baby bird is born and his nest is just not big enough for everyone. This is a charming book that shows not only the love and desire an adoptive mom can have for her child, but also touches on the emotion a birth mother might have for her birth child.

The Day We Met You – Phoebe Koehler –  This book is short on words but long on excitement as you walk through the day that mom and dad would meet their soon to be forever baby.  Birth children often enjoy hearing the story of when they were born.  Adoptive children equally love hearing about the first day they came home.

I Wished for You – Marianne Richmond – The little bear named Barley has a lot of questions about why he was his mommy’s wish come true.  Some are the same questions biological children ask their parents and some are unique to adoption.  His mommy patently answers each one.  Barley keenly relates his mommy’s answers to something in his life and discovers what makes a family is their love of each other.

There are so many great books surrounding the topic of adoption for young children.  These books are not only wonderful for your adopted child, but can also help biological children gain understanding, empathy and compassion towards adopted children.

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