20 Blogs Explaining How to Have a Successful School Picture Day

School picture day is often met with a certain love/hate sentiment. Some people love to get dressed up and get their picture taken, while others hate picture day with a passion.  For those people that love picture day, these tips may help them love it just a little bit more; for those that hate it, the tips offered in these posts may make the day a little more bearable. Some easy ways to ensure that your child’s school pictures turn out well include ensuring that they get enough sleep the night before the picture, avoiding a lot of salty food the day prior to picture day and drinking plenty of water.  To avoid stressing out the day of pictures, make sure that your kids are wearing clothes that you both like and that they’ve picked a hairstyle that makes them feel confident. These and other tips can be found in the following 20 blogs.

What to Wear

Take some time a day or two before picture day to pick out the outfit that your child will wear.  Make sure that the clothes are ironed and free from stains.  While bright colors photograph well, you also want to make sure that the color compliments your child’s skin tone and is one that they like. Try to err more towards classic looks that transcend the times rather than trendy ones that your child may hate 20 years from now. For more helpful clothing tips, read these five blogs.


It’s tempting to create an elaborate hairstyle for school pictures, but keep in mind that your child may have to wait several hours to get her picture taken and the hairstyle may not look as nice by that time. Boys typically don’t face the same hairstyle problems girls do, but they should still look neat and well-kept, not like they just rolled out of bed.  These five blogs will share some picture day hairstyles that might be perfect for your child.

What Not to Do

Sometimes knowing what to avoid is just as important as knowing what to do.  Many parents will rush out to get their child’s hair cut right before picture day, however it’s better to get a haircut a few weeks prior. This way you have time to figure out how to style it, especially if the cut ends up being a dud.  Check out these five blog posts for more things to avoid on picture day.

Make-Up Tips

Little girls don’t need make-up, even on picture day.  As girls get older, they may want to start wearing a little make-up and getting into a skincare routine. It’s important to teach your kids how to properly apply makeup and how to adopt a “less is more” face routine, otherwise they can end up looking overly done up in their photographs. These five blog entries will explain what kind of make-up works well on picture day.

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