How Nannies Can Write an Effective Online Profile

Online nanny job sites can be an effective way of finding a nanny job, if you know how to make yourself stand out from the crowd. There are a lot of nannies out there who will have the same idea, so it’s critical that you create a profile that immediately grabs the parent’s attention and makes her want to read your profile. Your profile also needs to give her all the key information she needs to decide if you’re a nanny she want to connect with. Here are some tips for making that happen.

Start with a catchy headline. Your headline is the first thing a potential employer will read. Read what other nannies are writing and make sure your profile stands out from the rest. This is a great place to showcase your creativity, sense of humor or what you can offer that others don’t.

Include a head shot. Your picture helps parents connect with you on a personal level. That personal connection is important when you’re trying to get your portfolio to stand out from the crowd. Use a clear picture that is cropped to spotlight your head and shoulders. Make sure it’s appropriate for a job search and not something you’d use for a dating site. You want to send the right message to parents.

Tell them about your experience. Parents want to know what kind of experience a candidate has. Make sure to include not only how many years you’ve worked with children, but also how long you’ve worked as a nanny and in other childcare settings. Also list how much experience you have with each age group and if you’ve worked in unique care giving situations, such as with multiples or with children who have special needs.

Spotlight your education and training. This is becoming more and more important in nanny care. If you’re a college graduate, list your degree even if it’s not directly related to childcare. If you have a nanny or childcare certification, make sure to highlight that in your profile. You should also list some of the recent continuing education classes you’ve taken. Parents are often looking for nannies who show they have a real commitment to ongoing learning.

Let them know why you love working as a nanny. This is a standard interview question and is the perfect way to introduce yourself to prospective employers. Share how you became a nanny and what you enjoy most about it. Parents are looking for nannies that truly have a genuine love for children, so make sure your passion for the job comes across in your profile.

Outline your discipline approach. This is an important piece of information parents need to know so they can decide if you’re going to be a good match to their parenting style. Give specific examples of your approach. If you’re interested in working with a specific age, gear your information to the discipline issues that often come up with that age group.

Give a description of yourself. Let readers know what your personality is like, what you do in your off time, and what your hobbies and interests are. Remember parents hire nannies they connect with, so make sure to give them a glimpse of you outside of your role as nanny.

List the responsibilities you’re willing to take on. Every family has different needs and every nanny job description is different. By including what you’re willing to do in a job, you help the family know if you’re a good match to their needs. If you offer a lot of flexibility in your schedule or if you’re happy to work with a stay at home or work from home parent, make sure to include those details too. The more willing you are to consider different situations, the more job possibilities you’ll have.

Include what you’re looking for in a family. Detail what ages you’d like to work with if you have a preference, the location you’re interested in, the type of family that you’d get along best with, and any other details that will help parents know if they’d be a good match for you.

Give enough information, but don’t overwhelm the reader. Offer enough information that potential employers will get a real sense of who you are, but don’t write a novel. Your online profile should be a snapshot of your personality, your qualifications, and what you’re looking for in a job. Once the family is interested, you can answer any additional questions they may have. Putting too many details in a profile makes it hard to spotlight the important pieces and can be too time consuming for parents to read through.

Make sure you check your spelling and grammar. It’s easy to get used to writing in shorthand on the internet. However, first impressions count and parents will judge you based on your online profile. Having spelling and grammar mistakes sends the wrong message and could make a parent dismiss you as a possibility based only on your writing.

By writing an effective profile, you greatly increase your chances of connecting with the type of families you’re interested in and getting a job you’re happy with.

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