Creative Spring Break “Stay-cation” Ideas

With more and more families recognizing the value and fun that can be had by sticking close to home for spring break, we wanted to pass on some of our favorite “stay-cation” ideas! They’re ideal for sparing the pocketbook as well as allowing parents who still need to go to work to do so!

  • Plan an in-home or at-the-theater Movie Marathon.
  • Find local behind the scenes tours.
  • Throw a block party.
  • “Vacation” at a local resort.
  • Host a luau.
  • Have a field day, complete with outdoor activities, races, etc.
  • Go on a themed shopping tour. Research, shop and EAT all things chocolate, for example. Or all things related to bread making or ice cream! Or all things related to baseball caps! Whatever your passion is.
  • Become a tourist in your own town. Research and visit places you haven’t been or don’t know about.
  • Find a scenic train ride.
  • Go camping! KOAhas campgrounds nationwide and will usually offer facilities for the outdoorsy type as well as those that enjoy their indoor comforts.
  • Family fun centers.  Most offer several activities to keep you busy for at least half a day (e.g., go karts, bowling, mini. golf, etc.)
  • Mini lake cruises (often offered with dinner).
  • Go to the theater or a play.

Have a great spring break!

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7 thoughts on “Creative Spring Break “Stay-cation” Ideas

  1. We take a trip to the local park at night and go stargazing. Even though we live in the city, it gives us a chance to escape all the hustle and bustle, even if it’s just for a little while.

  2. We’re on a bit of a budget this Spring Break, so instead of our usual road trip we’re hoofing it around our city. We plan on doing a museum one day, the zoo the next, then the park, etc. etc. I refuse to keep the kids cooped up just because we can’t leave our area!

  3. What fun ideas! We never go anywhere for Spring Break and I always struggle to think of things our nanny can do with the kids during the days – I’ll be passing this list on to her!

  4. We love to just do our camp outs in our back yard now! It’s too expensive in this economy to load up the camper and go to camp grounds, much as we’d love to, so we do a "make shift’ campground right on our own property and we have a blast! We even use a porta-potty! LOL

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