30 Blogs with Tips on Traveling to Boston with Kids

As one of America’s oldest cities, Boston is rife with historical and cultural importance, which makes it an ideal vacation destination for families who are hoping to intersperse their carefree fun with a bit of entertainment that also has educational merit. These 30 bloggers offer their opinions, advice and insight on everything from historical walking tours to the best places to eat with kids in the Boston area to the best playgrounds for active, outdoor play.

Historical Significance

Helping your kids to understand the origins of America and the important role that the city of Boston played in the American Revolution is one of the most entertaining and educational things that you can do while visiting the city. These five bloggers share their own experiences with historical events, tours and sightseeing opportunities in and around Boston.

Kid-Friendly Fun

While education is an important part of many family’s vacation plans, it’s also necessary to let kids cut loose at a facility designed with them in mind. The bloggers on this list discuss their favorite attractions in Boston for kids, offering reviews and hints for ensuring that a great time is had by all.

Parks and Playgrounds

Keeping kids healthy and in good physical shape requires that they have plenty of time to engage in active play. When the weather’s nice, a quality park or playground is often the most ideal spot for encouraging both physically active and imaginative play, which is why these five bloggers weigh in on the best outdoor, kid-friendly facilities that Boston has to offer.

Museums and Educational Fun

Aside from the traditional walking tours of sites with historical significance, Boston is also awash in museums and education centers that keep kids engaged and entertained while they learn. The experiences, opinions and hints set forth by these five bloggers can help you build your travel itinerary confidently.

Kid-Friendly Fare

The strong culinary culture in Boston is great for adults, but may not always be as welcoming to children. The most kid-friendly eateries in the city are discussed at length in these five blog entries, ensuring that you’ll have a plentiful list of meal options before you ever arrive in Boston.

Special Events and Seasonal Fun

Depending on the time of year when you plan to visit, there could be a variety of seasonal or special events happening within the Boston area. These five blogs help you keep track of what’s upcoming in Boston so that you are able to plan your trip accordingly.

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