30 Blogs With the Best Homeschooling Tips

The number of American children that attend classes within their own home rather than public or private schools is climbing at a steady rate every year, with a 74% relative increase over the eight-year period between 1999 and 2007, according to the National Center for Education statistics. These rising numbers indicate that the face of education in the United States is changing, with more parents opting to teach their children at home with every passing school year. If you’re among the growing number of parents who have chosen homeschooling over the traditional public or private education models, these 30 blog entries can offer you some valuable hints, tips and ideas for ensuring that your children get the most from their home-based education.

Preschool and Kindergarten Curriculum

Whether you’re simply keeping your young child home for the first few years of his education or are planning to homeschool him for the duration of his school years, determining the best and most effective curriculum isn’t always easy. These five bloggers offer valuable ideas and insights regarding a pre-k and kindergarten homeschool curriculum, and may help you find the right methods to suit the needs of your pint-sized homeschooling student.

Elementary Homeschool Curriculum

While homeschooling your child through preschool and first grade can help you become acclimated to the most effective schedule and teaching methods for your child, you’ll still be forced to adapt your curricula with every passing year. These blog entries focus on the elementary homeschooling experience, and can be valuable resources for the homeschooling parent.

Middle School Curriculum

As kids get older, their individual needs in relation to academic strengths and weaknesses become more pronounced. By the middle school years you’ll be able to easily spot the areas that need more attention, but may still be struggling with settling upon a specific curriculum and adapting it to suit your child’s needs. That’s where these five blogs can prove to be quite useful, as they’re centered on curricula specific to the middle school and junior high student.

High School Curriculum and Help

By the time your homeschooled child approaches high school, the need to assert his independence and perhaps to attend traditional classes may start to become a challenge. Managing the twin demands of juggling a lesson plan with soothing those pangs of rebellion isn’t easy, but these homeschooling bloggers can offer you some much-needed support by sharing their own experiences and advice.

Socialization and Peer Interaction

One of the primary concerns a parent considering the homeschooling lifestyle may have is that their children will not learn the social skills that they’ll need as adults if they’re deprived of the group-learning public or private school experience. These five bloggers offer advice for socializing and ensuring that your homeschooled child is allowed plenty of interaction with other kids his age.

Hands-On Lessons and Field Trips

The beauty of homeschooling is relative, with each educating parent citing their own favorite aspect of the process. One major perk that’s generally agreed upon across the board is the freedom of teaching your children through unconventional, interactive methods that wouldn’t be feasible in a larger classroom setting. These five blogs are filled with unexpected and exciting hands-on lesson plans and field trips for homeschooling families.

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