30 Blogs with Peanut-Free School Lunch Ideas

Whether your child has their own peanut allergy, attends a peanut-free school, or sits at a designated peanut-free table in the cafeteria, finding school lunch options that don’t include this highly allergenic kid-favorite is a difficult, albeit necessary, part of the lunch packing process. The 30 blogs mentioned here all feature sure-fire hits of the peanut-free variety.


The sandwich, regardless of variety, is a lunchbox staple for the elementary school set. Often, however, the most popular options feature peanut butter as a primary ingredient. These five blog entries are packed with sandwiches sans peanut products, giving parents and caregivers a wide array of ideas to keep kids happy and healthy.


Parents and caregivers of kids who attend peanut-free schools, but don’t suffer from a peanut allergy themselves, are often surprised by the staggering number of everyday dessert options that unexpectedly contain trace amounts of peanuts. These five blogs break down the dessert section of your little ones lunch box, with hints and tips for how to keep them both tasty and compliant.

Snacks and Fun Finger Foods

Kids love snacks and main courses that they can eat with their fingers, but many commercially available, pre-packaged snacks either contain peanuts or are processed in a facility that also processes peanuts. For snacks and finger foods that you can pack in a child’s lunch without worrying, these five blogs are invaluable sources.

Sunbutter Lunch Ideas

Sunbutter is a peanut-butter substitute made from organic sunflower seeds that are processed in a highly controlled environment. The manufacturers of this hot product understand that much of their popularity is based on their allergen-free status, and make a point of carefully maintaining it. These five blogs feature sunbutter in all of its glory, with lunch options extending far beyond the traditional PB&J.

Soy-Nut Butter Lunches

Another popular option in the peanut butter-substitute arena is soy-nut butter, which can be an ideal choice for kids that don’t also have sensitivity to soy products. These five blogs offer creative meal ideas using soy-nut butter.

General Peanut-Free School Lunch Ideas

Adhering to a peanut-free regimen for school lunches can be a complicated task for parents that have never before tackled the issue. For these compliant parents without allergic children, any hints and tips can go a long way towards dispelling incorrect safety notions and providing creative, peanut-free alternatives. Thankfully, these five blog entries come to the rescue.

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