How to do backup care at

School will be back in before you know it, and now’s the time to secure back-up coverage so you’re never stuck without quality care. And with more caregivers than ever looking for work, your search has never been easier.

To find backup care at, follow the same necessary steps as finding standard care, except we recommend accumulating a small pool of people you can call on when needed.  Here are the steps:

  1. Post your job (optional) and search for and interview potential candidates who have indicated they’re available for “occasional/as-needed” and/or “back-up/short-notice” assignments (show advanced search options for this search).  
  2. Screen: Checks references, run a thorough background check, and do trial session(s) on final caregiver(s).
  3. When backup care is needed, call your desired caregiver(s) to request backup care.

Run a quick search today to find nannies, housekeepers, sitters, senior caregivers and more!

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5 thoughts on “How to do backup care at

  1. I hadn’t ever thought about using GoNannies to find backup care, just fulltime/parttime caregivers – but I definitely am in need of some good backup caregivers to have on call… Thanks for the tip.

  2. I have used gonannies for over 5 years. In order to help those of us in need of special senior caregivers, why can’t you separate those who apply for part-time vs full time?
    Also those who have special training. ( Alzheimer’s is different then MS)
    Also those who are willing to live in?
    This would save time and we should pay the same for all the info that is presently availabe.


    Harold Weisberg

    • Hi Harold! Thanks for the comment, and thanks for being such a loyal member!

      Because we aren’t a full service agency but a Do It Yourself site, it’s up to our caregivers to specify their unique qualifications. I can definitely see your concern, but that’s the difference between using a site like GoNannies versus using a full service agency. If you ever have any questions, however, we urge you to call our customer service line and we will help you to the best of our abilities!

  3. We definitely need a pool of backup caregivers in addition to our regular nanny for those days when she takes a personal day or sick or we just need a babysitter. I’ll be signing up for GoNannies now that I know you can provide that!

  4. Just a reminder to any families out there – even some of us fulltime nannies are willing to take on backup care when our schedule allows :)

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