Schools Out–You’re Not. Benefits of Seasonal Nannies for Winter Break

With December upon us, things can start to get overwhelming –  holiday parties, Christmas shopping, holiday cooking, planning for special events, traveling and more. While children have the joy of looking forward to their winter break, working parents are faced with another task – finding seasonal childcare. To help kill two birds with one stone, savvy families are hiring full-time, seasonal Nannies.


Seasonal nannies are caregivers who take on short term positions for the holiday season. They can be college students or teachers who are looking to earn some money over their

winter break, or currently unemployed nannies that are happy to take on a short term assignment while they continue to look for something more long term. Either way, seasonal nannies can help alleviate many of the holiday stresses for parents. Not only do they offer a solution to childcare, but they can easily take on extra tasks like running errands, assisting with holiday shopping, helping prep or cook holiday meals, and more. Additionally, seasonal nannies often offer evening or off-hour babysitting, allowing parents to attend holiday parties, get some holiday shopping done, or just taking a much needed night off.

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7 thoughts on “Schools Out–You’re Not. Benefits of Seasonal Nannies for Winter Break

  1. I’m a teacher who is always happy to take on additional work during seasonal breaks like this and I never even thought about nannying until a friend forwarded me this article – what a great idea!! I’m signing up now!

  2. We have a college gal who grew up down the street from us and every year she comes home and nannies for us during the winter break – it is a godsend. Seriously, I don’t know how we’d make it through the holidays without her! She works for us part-time Monday through Fridays during the break and having just a few hours to go out and get the shopping done or even just have the house to myself so I can bake or clean is amazing.

    • I charge the same hourly rate that I’d charge if it were a steady full-time position. It just kind of depends on your experience and what the family is asking you to do as far as tasks, as well as if it’s a part or full time position.

  3. As a college student majoring in early childhood education, I love coming home over the holidays and picking up nanny work while I’m home. It gives me a chance to practice what I’ve learned in school and make some additional money while I’m out of school and the moms and dads I work for are always so grateful.

  4. I was unemployed last year during the holidays and taking on a seasonal position like this article is talking about allowed me to provide a good Christmas for my kids AND the job ended up evolving into a full-time position after the holidays were over.

  5. i never considered hiring a nanny to help out during the holidays, but that is a great idea. i just might have to look further into this during the holidays this next year!

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