Interviewing a Nanny or Caregiver Remotely

If you’ve ever considered re-locating a caregiver from another state or distant location, you know the process of interviewing can sometimes be a challenge. Traditionally, re-locating someone has involved the applicant traveling to your location for an interview, but with recent technologies more readily available to caregivers and families, interviewing applicants remotely is helping make the process easier and less expensive.

Interviewing remotely does not necessarily REPLACE an in-person interview, but can add a very critical screening step BEFORE an in-person interview and may help save the expense of conducting an in-person interview in the event the caregiver is ruled out during the remote one.

There are several options for interviewing remotely:

  1. Free Internet Video Conferencing Services.  Using these services requires a webcam (Price range: $8 & up), preferably on both ends, but at least on the applicant’s end. The popular free services are and 
  2. Free Instant Messaging programs with video capabilities.  You will need a webcam for this option, as well. Services include Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger. 
  3. FedEd/Kinko’s Video Conferencing. For a fee, FedEx/Kinko’s video conferencing services are offered in most major metropolitan areas so that you and your applicant just visit your respective local FedEx/Kinko’s offices to have a live video conference.  

Choose the scenario that fits your needs best, and feel free to share any other conveniences!

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5 thoughts on “Interviewing a Nanny or Caregiver Remotely

  1. Great ideas! We use live-in nannies, so hiring nannies from all over is pretty par for the course for us and we’ve spent a pretty penny flying in caregivers only to decide they wouldn’t work out for us. Love the idea of using this as a prescreening process before flying them in!

  2. We flew in a nanny once for an interview and it was a disaster. She seemed more interested in sightseeing than in becoming our nanny. Will definitely be interviewing via Skype first from now on.

  3. I didn’t know FedEx/Kinkos did that – that’s pretty cool, and definitely convenient if one or both parties don’t have a webcam.

  4. Video conferencing has made interviewing so much easier – I’m a live-in and I travel a lot for jobs – it’s not just pricey for the family (assuming they pay to fly you in), but it also takes up a lot of time for us nannies. Having the ability to do video interviews means I can talk with multiple families all over the place in a day and then both the families and I can start the elimination process to find the best fit.

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