Hiring a Summer Nanny

Don’t look…summer is almost here AGAIN!

If you’re looking into hiring a summer nanny, read on for things to consider during your search.  Make sure you discuss any applicable items with your prospective nannies during the interview process.

Summer Travel?  Will you be traveling and would you need the nanny to accompany you?  If so, confirm their availability to travel.  If not, confirm that they can accomodate a schedule that has breaks.  Also determine how/whether you will compensate them during your absense.

Driving?  Will the nanny need to transport the child(ren) to activities, camps, playdates, etc?

Flexible Schedule?  How flexible does the nanny need to be…will your scheduling needs vary?

Summer Only?  Are you looking for someone ONLY for the summer, or is there the potential to keep them on longer term if things go well?  If so, be sure to pursue people who will be available longer term.

Swimming?  Do they need to be able to swim?

Academics?  Do you want the summer nanny to include any tutoring or academics for your child(ren) during the summer to keep their skills sharp.

Once you’ve selected your new summer nanny, be sure to perform the proper screening steps recommended for a successful hire.  We recommend you perform these steps on anyone you plan to hire to work in your home.

Are there other critical areas you ask about when looking for a summer nanny? Comment and let us know!


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5 thoughts on “Hiring a Summer Nanny

  1. We hire a summer nanny every year and have had great success with college students who are home for the longer holiday!

  2. We hire a college student every summer too, which has been such a blessing because they’re able to help keep our kiddos still somewhat fresh with everything they learned in the prior year without it feeling like they’re still in school. We usually look for students who are in early childhood education – they’ve been great about finding fun and educational projects for our kids to do throughout the summer!

  3. I’ve never thought about taking a nanny on vacation with us (is that a regular thing?) but it sounds like a wonderful idea. Logistically, how does that work?

    • It’s really up to you and the nanny. It’s pretty standard that you would pay for her fare to the destination and for the amenities on her trip, as well as for her time, since this is a work trip for her. You would have to figure out if you were going to pay for anything extra she did, how long you wanted her to work each day (and then you’d need to honor that or pay her for her time), etc. It can get expensive, but you also have the peace of mind knowing that your kids are properly looked after and cared for and you and your significant other are able to enjoy some down time too :)

  4. I nanny every summer when I come home from school and I love it. It’s a great way to earn some extra cash over the break and I can put what I learn during the school year to use (I’m an early childhood education major) through educational projects and activities.

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