Congratulations to INA Nanny of the Year, Greta Schraer

Congratulations to Greta Schraer of Batavia, OH, recipient of the 2010 INA Nanny of the year award. 

Greta has both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Theology. She began her nanny career in 1992, working as a full time, part time, temporary and summer nanny over those years. As a nanny in the Cincinnati area, Greta found that there was a need for the nannies in the area to feel connected and so she began CincyNanny, a website and blog giving the local nannies their own community and families resources they can use.

Greta’s current position is as the full time nanny of triplet boys. Jessica Shelly said, “She makes it a priority to see that not just the boys are taken care of, but that our family unit is supported and encouraged.” Their family has an inside joke – when a challenging situation arises they think WWGD? or What Would Greta Do?

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4 thoughts on “Congratulations to INA Nanny of the Year, Greta Schraer

  1. I live in Cincinnati and love what Greta has done with CincyNanny – I’ve been able to connect with so many other nannies because of it. So thank you Greta for that – you’ve done a great job!

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