After School Care Options

To many working parents, the options for after school care for their children can seem extremely limited. And, indeed, in many areas it is. So we’ve compiled a list of both traditional and creative options to consider when seeking out after school care.

  1. Check with your child’s school. Many schools offer after school programs run by the school and some offer special services provided by specialists coming from outside the school. Some examples are sports, gymnastics, music lessons, art and other activities.
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    If the school doesn’t offer any programs on site, ask them if they have any ideas, as they often have lots of resources for after school programs
  2. Local Daycares. For preschool or elementary-aged children, check with your local daycare centers to see if they offer after school programs. Many will even pick up your child from their school and bring them to their daycare center. They are also a great resource if you’re in need of before school care, as well.

  3. Part-time Nanny or Sitter. Consider hiring a nanny or sitter part-time to pick your child(ren) up from school and provide care until needed. This is a popular option because the children receive one-on-one care after having been at school most of the day. And since the nanny can help with homework, prepare snacks, tend to any other needs you’ve assigned and even tidy up and get dinner started, it can free up parents to spend more quality time with their children when they get home. Run an easy search to find part-time nannies and sitters in your area.
  4. Stay-at-home Moms. Know of a mom you trust who stays home during the day already? Check and see if she may be interested in providing care for your child in the afternoon and earning a little extra cash.
  5. YMCA. Most local YMCAs offer after school programs at very affordable rates. Check with your local Y for details.
  6. Specialty After School Programs. Run a search engine search or check with your local school and ask about local specialty after school programs such as sports programs, music lessons, tutoring programs, etc.

Whatever option you choose, remember to check the program or center out thoroughly. Ask friends and family if they’ve heard of the program, and don’t be afraid to ask for a reference.

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7 thoughts on “After School Care Options

  1. I’m a SAHM and I watch five of the neighborhood kids in addition to my own after school. It’s been a great way for me to make a little extra money and for my friends to feel comfortable about where there kids are after school. Plus, I’m way cheaper than daycare, haha!

  2. We send our kids to daycare after school, but we’ve been looking for another option because it just gets so expensive… I didn’t realize some nannies work part-time, I guess I always thought it was a full-time job. Is it difficult to find a part-time nanny? I’d love for my kids to have more individualized attention…

    • We checked the local college for students who were in early childhood education – they had a job board that we posted to and we found a student who has been a huge blessing! I’d recommend doing that!

      • Part-time nannies aren’t necessarily as easy to come by as full-time ones, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a great one! GoNannies is full of nannies who have all sorts of schedules to fit your needs! And like Andrea said, college students make GREAT after school nannies and it’s good experience for them!

  3. Our local Y has been a lifesaver when it comes to after school care. I feel good about sending my kids there because I know they’re getting some much needed exercise and they have a blast running around with the other kids and doing the activities the Y puts on. With so many kids being sedentary these days, it’s nice to have an active option.

  4. We hired a full-time nanny years ago, and as our kids have gotten older her job has gradually changed so now she gets the kids off to school in the morning, does more household management/housekeeping tasks during the day, and then watches the kids after school. At this point, she’s family, so we’re willing to do whatever it takes to keep her on board!

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