New Hire Checklist – Don’t Miss a Step!

You’ve found your ideal caregiver.  Now what???  Here’s an easy-to-follow hiring checklist so you can be sure not to miss a beat. 


  • Screening Done?    Be sure you’ve performed ALL our recommended screening steps.  These screening steps are the most important factors in making a successful hire!

  • Payroll & Taxes?    Inquire about payroll and taxes and find ways to save both time and money.  Services include tax filing, direct deposit, and more.

  • Required forms?    Be sure you and your new caregiver complete the required hiring forms, including the Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9) and the Form W-4.

  • Employment Agreement   GoNannies recommends having your new caregiver sign an Employment Agreement to minimize the potential for any misunderstandings now or in the future.

  • Training    Invest some time training.  While there’s much that an experienced caregiver will already know, there are always new aspects to any new position and the caregiver deserves some direction that will help them get started on the right foot.

  • Post-hire Screening    Don’t forget that screening should still take place AFTER the hire. Drop in unannounced, consider a mutually beneficial nanny-cam, communicate and evaluate regularly!  Call us to learn more.

Happy Hiring!