7 thoughts on “Year-End Tax Breaks for Household Employers

  1. We are getting ready to hire our first nanny, and I definitely will be paying my nanny legally so that we can take advantage of these tax breaks! Thanks for the information!

  2. I didn’t realize my flex spending account could be applied to childcare!! (incentive to read all that fine print and paperwork more closely ;-) ) Thanks for the heads up!

  3. In the past, I’ve felt like it can get overwhelming trying to figure out all the right avenues to take to ensure that both my nanny and myself come out ahead when it comes to paying her legally, etc. From now on, I will definitely be trusting all of my tax and payroll concerns to Breedlove!

    • All the intricacies that come with managing a household employee can definitely get confusing – we’re just happy we can help you find a way to make the whole process a little bit easier!

  4. as a nanny, i’ve been on both sides – having been paid under the table and legally on the books. I can tell you firsthand that even though it may seem like a better deal to get paid off the books, it definitely pays to do everything legally!

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