Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Caregiver

It’s that time of year again. As you try to figure out what to get everyone else on your list, let us help with some great gift ideas for your nanny or other household care provider.


  • Spa Gift Certificate
  • Cash gift/bonus (e.g., either a small token amount –OR– 1 to 2 weeks salary) 
  • Plane ticket to visit friends/family 
  • Handwritten Thank You cards from children 
  • Gift card to caregiver’s fav spot (e.g., Starbucks, fav restaurant, movie theater, etc.) 
  • Electronics(e.g., iPod, cell phone, camera, etc.) 
  • Stock certificates 
  • Paid days off (independent of vacation)

What other great holiday gifts have you gotten for your caregiver?



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7 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Caregiver

  1. My kids love to make their nanny cards every year for the holidays, and we always try to add in a little something extra, whether it’s a gift card to her favorite store or tickets to a show we know she’s been dying to see.

  2. The spa idea is a great one – we gave our nanny a gift card to the spa last year, complete with pedicure, manicure and massage. She loved it! Sometimes we take for granted how much our nannies do for us – it’s nice to find a way to give back to them so that they have a chance to relax every now and then!

  3. How do you determine how much to spend on your nanny each year? I want to give my nanny something this holiday season, but I don’t have a ton of money to spend. I also don’t want to seem cheap though… Is there a good rule of thumb?

  4. last year my family gave me concert tickets to a show i wanted to see that i thought was sold out. that gesture meant more to me than i can express because it showed that they really listened and took note of the things i’m interested in.

  5. This past year we put together a gift basket of our nanny’s favorite things. We had a gift card to Starbucks in a new mug (she LOVES coffee – who can blame her?! ha!), her favorite lip gloss, a coupon for a free vacation day independent of her normal vacation days, some of her favorite candy, and various other little trinkets the kids helped pick out, plus a few handmade drawings the kids put together for her. It wasn’t a huge gift, but it’s what we could afford and hopefully it showed her how much we love and appreciate her!

  6. I love the idea of giving gifts that are meaningful. If you know your nanny likes going to musical’s, 2 tickets to the next big show coming to town can be something that she will remember for a log time. That being said, money or a gift card may be exactly what she wants and needs. But what ever the gift, the thing that says the most is a personal note about what your nanny means to you and your kids. Even if you tell her all the time how grateful you are for her, it is nice to have it in a note from time to time. It will be treasured forever.

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