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Becoming a Senior Caregiver

For aging individuals, a senior care provider can mean the difference between living independently and having to relocate into a senior care facility. For individuals who wish to remain in their private homes and for the family members who support that decision but are unable to provide the hands-on support required, hiring a senior caregiver can be the best option.

Senior caregivers are responsible for providing companionship and support to the elderly. As individuals age, getting dressed, personal hygiene, transportation and preparing nutritious meals and snacks may require assistance. Senior caregivers are able to offer that assistance in the privacy of the individual’s home. Senior caregivers may also assist with basic home maintenance tasks, like doing laundry, cleaning and changing light bulbs.

Depending on the qualifications of the senior caregiver and the needs of the elderly individual, additional care services may be provided. Senior caregivers are also present to call for medical assistance and help to coordinate with family and physicians should a medical emergency arise.

When hiring a senior caregiver, the individual and family members hand select who will be providing the support services required. Unlike when using an agency that may dispatch a variety of caregivers based on scheduling needs, as an employer, the individual is assured consistent care by the same caregiver each day. As an employer, the individual also sets the hours and schedule and defines the role and responsibilities of the senior caregiver, assuring that their unique needs are met.

For compassionate individuals who have a desire to make a difference in the life of an aging individual, providing eldercare can be a rewarding career choice. Eldercare providers must be honest and trustworthy, since they are working with a vulnerable population in their private homes. They also must be patient and caring as they support the elder client in living life with dignity and grace. As a companion, a senior caregiver must have a cheerful disposition and truly enjoy spending time with elderly clients. Since the individual as well as family members often count on the elder caregiver as the primary caretaker, elder caregivers must be dependable, reliable and have good judgment.

Regardless of how an individual or the individual’s family member finds the senior caregiver, it is essential that they take the time to know who they are considering to care for the aging individual. Whether the individual or a family member is responsible for hiring the elder caregiver, it is essential that they gather as much information as possible about potential elder caregivers, including personal information, education, experience and work history, so that they can make an educated and informed hiring decision. But they must do more than gather information. They must confirm its authenticity by conducting a thorough background screening and criminal records checks.

Whether you’re looking to hire a senior caregiver or be one yourself, if you want to be in control of your search GoNannies is a great source for finding elder caregivers and elder caregiver jobs.

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