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Becoming a Personal Chef

For individuals who simply don’t have the time, energy, skills or desire to prepare healthy, elaborate meals for themselves or their families, hiring a personal chef can be the perfect solution.

Personal chefs allow individuals and families to enjoy healthy meals in the comfort of their own home. Personal chefs create menus and plan and prepare meals in accordance with the tastes and nutritional requirements of their employers. For individuals or family members with allergies, personal chefs create meals or snacks free from allergens that can trigger reactions. Much like restaurant chefs, personal chefs oversee complete meal planning and preparation from shopping to cleaning up.

In additional to preparing entrees, many personal chefs are also great bakers, know how to stock a bar or wine cellar and can create elegant ice sculptures. These skills can be essential for employers who enjoy entertaining in their home.

Personal chefs have a variety of backgrounds. Some may have specific culinary training or certifications and others may simply have years of extensive hands-on experience. When hiring a personal chef, the individual must handpick the chef that best suits their unique needs. Employers set the schedule, hours, duties and responsibilities for their personal chef.

While some personal chefs are employed by the individual or family, others prepare or deliver meals ahead of time in bulk. It’s important to ensure the chef has all of the licenses, certifications and permits required to handle, prepare and store food.

For individuals with a culinary background, working as a personal chef can be a rewarding career. Personal chefs must be organized, pay attention to detail and have a great respect for their employer’s personal property and lives. They also must be flexible and able to adapt to their clients changing needs. For some personal chefs, the perks are many. Working with high-end clients may provide opportunities to travel the world and prepare meals for celebrity guests.

Regardless of how individuals find personal chef candidates, it is essential that they take the time to know who they are considering to care for their culinary needs. Individuals must gather as much information as possible about potential candidates, including personal information, education, experience and work history, so that they can make an educated and informed hiring decision. But individuals must do more than gather information. They must confirm its authenticity by conducting a thorough background screening and criminal records checks.

Whether you’re looking to hire a personal chef or be one yourself, if you want to be in control of your search GoNannies is a great source for finding personal chefs and personal chef jobs.

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