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Becoming a Nanny

For parents who are looking for customized and personalized care for their children, hiring a nanny is the best childcare option.

When hiring a nanny, parents can handpick their child care provider and as the employer, can dictate the schedule, hours, role and responsibilities of their nanny. Unlike in a daycare setting where children have to adapt to the schedule and routines of the center, nannies come into the family’s private home and meet the children’s unique physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs as directed by the parents.

Children cared for by nannies receive more consistent care and more attention. They also don’t get sick as often or have to adapt to parenting philosophies and regiments that are out of sync with their family’s practices. For parents who work long or untraditional hours, hiring a nanny provides the ultimate in flexibility and can often be more cost-effective that other childcare arrangements.

For experienced caregivers and those wanting to make a real difference in the life of children, being a nanny is a rewarding career. Nannies are childcare specialists who have a working knowledge and genuine love for children. In addition to caring for the children, nannies typically undertake all of the tasks related to providing childcare. These tasks include doing the children’s laundry and keeping the children’s areas organized and tidy. Successful nannies tend to have several years of childcare experience, good judgment, a knack for organization and a naturally nurturing personality. Because a nanny works in a private home without supervision and as the role model for young children, it is paramount that a nanny is trustworthy, honest and committed to providing the highest level of childcare possible. Since the parents depend on their nanny so that they can meet their personal and professional obligations, a nanny must also be reliable and dependable.

When it comes to childcare, each family has different needs and expectations. For a family to hire the right nanny for their children, the parents must have a clear understanding of the role they wish their nanny to play and the responsibilities they wish for her to have. Since nannies and families work so closely together, more than anything, there must be chemistry between them. Since personalities, lifestyles and parenting philosophies vary greatly, even the most qualified nanny won’t be the right match for every family.

Regardless of how parents find their nanny, it is essential that they take the time to know who they are considering to care for their children. Parents must gather as much information as possible about potential nannies, including personal information, education, experience and work history, so that they can make an educated and informed hiring decision. But parents must do more than gather information. They must confirm its authenticity by conducting a thorough background screening and criminal records checks.

Whether you’re looking to hire a nanny or looking for a nanny job, if you want to be in control of your search GoNannies is a great source for finding nannies and nanny jobs. In addition to having access to nannies and families across the country, parents can conduct their nanny search at their leisure in conjunction with their hiring standards and nannies can represent themselves and their skills to a targeted audience of parents seeking to hire the right nanny for their family.

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