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Nanny & Child
•  Nanny
•  Sitter
•  Mother's Helper
•  Licensed In-Home Childcare
•  Housekeeper / Maid
•  Personal Chef
•  Personal Assistant
•  Elder Caregiver
•  Governess
•  Household Manager
•  Newborn Specialist
•  Doula

All job information and job descriptions are offered as guidelines to help you understand the general responsibilities for each type of domestic position listed on GoNannies.com. Please note that every family's job is unique and each position may have different responsibilities. The specific duties and responsibilities of each position should be discussed during the interview process, confirmed upon the extension of a job offer and reaffirmed in a written work agreement.
Mother's Helper Job Description - A mother’s or parent’s helper works alongside a mother or parent to help provide care for the children. Though the mother's helper will often be responsible for carrying out many of the designated tasks on her own, she typically works under close supervision. Since a parent is usually present with a mother's helper, the experience required of a mother's helper may be less extensive.

Typical Salary - Mother's/parent's helpers earn anywhere from minimum wage to $16 or more per hour. Their rates depend on the job responsibilities, experience, geographical area where the family lives and the hours worked. Families are encouraged to SEARCH our database for FREE to see the salaries requested by candidates registered on our site.

Schedules - All domestic personnel position types registered at GoNannies.com must indicate their availability. They may be available part-time or full-time or both, and may also indicate whether they are available during the week, evenings, or on an occasional or as needed basis. Look for how a candidate has answered the "When Available" question to best determine their availability.

Benefits - While offering benefits to an employee is not required by law, doing so can make your position more attractive to candidates. However, mother’s helpers who work occasionally or as needed generally do not expect to receive benefits.

How to find and hire a mother's/parent's helper using GoNannies.com - Families may SEARCH our database for FREE to preview the resumes of candidates who meet their criteria. To gain access to candidates' contact information, the families may REGISTER and then contact the candidates directly to begin their screening and hiring process [LEARN MORE]. All rates and responsibilities should be discussed and confirmed directly between families and candidates.
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