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All job information and job descriptions are offered as guidelines to help you understand the general responsibilities for each type of domestic position listed on GoNannies.com. Please note that every family's job is unique and each position may have different responsibilities. The specific duties and responsibilities of each position should be discussed during the interview process, confirmed upon the extension of a job offer and reaffirmed in a written work agreement.


Not enough time to cook every night? Personal chefs are in demand due to the convenience, health, and economic benefits that they offer. Though many think that having a personal chef is only for the wealthy, most people are often surprised to learn that utilizing a personal chef is often more economical (and far healthier) than eating out, and in some cases more economical than even your own meal preparation (since there is often less waste). They are also often surprised to learn of the various options offered by personal chefs. Some standard options include:

  • Pre-made, delivered meals ready for heating OR In-home, full-time meal preparation
  • A selection of various cuisines
  • A range of meal categories, varying in price to meet various budgets
  • Preparation of custom meal requests
  • Accommodation of specific diets (e.g., vegetarian, vegan, kosher, low-fat, etc.)

Personal Chef Job Description - An on-site chef's responsibilities will include everything relating to meal preparations for the family and household staff, including shopping, meal/menu planning, preparation and clean-up. These duties are performed for all regular meals, special events, holidays, parties and entertaining.

An off-site chef who delivers is responsible for delivering high-quality food to families' homes on time and according to specifications.

Typical Salary / Rates - On-site chef salaries typically range anywhere from $15/hour to $35/hour or more, depending on experience, responsibilities, geographical location and the family’s budget. On-site chefs are often offered bonuses as well.

A personal chef who prepares meals outside of the home and delivers them will have various methods of pricing depending on quantity, frequency of delivery, category of food, number of people to be fed and more.

Families are encouraged to SEARCH our database for FREE to see the salaries requested by candidates registered on our site.

Benefits - While offering benefits to an employee is not required by law, doing so can make your position more attractive to candidates. Many candidates do not expect or desire benefits while others do. This should be discussed directly between families and candidates.

Schedules - All domestic personnel position types registered at GoNannies.com must indicate their availability. They may be available part-time or full-time or both, and may also indicate whether they are available during the week, evenings, or on an occasional or as needed basis. Look for how a candidate has answered the "When Available" question to best determine their availability.

How to find a Chef using GoNannies.com - Families may SEARCH our database for FREE to preview the resumes of candidates who meet their criteria. To gain access to candidates' contact information, the families may REGISTER and then contact the candidates directly to begin their screening and hiring process [LEARN MORE]. All rates and responsibilities should be discussed and confirmed directly between families and candidates.

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