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Unfortunately, there will always be some deceptive person or group who attempts to defraud the public, and this industry is no exception. Since GoNannies.com only has a very small percentage of candidates who are not already in the U.S. or Canada and since scams are typically of an international nature, GoNannies.com families have encountered only a few incidences of a scam or fraud to date, and our objective is to not allow that number to increase.

Please read the following to avoid being a victim of a scam.

 Scammers try to get money!

The number one way to avoid being scammed is to NEVER SEND MONEY TO ANY CANDIDATE FOR ANY REASON!!!  Please be aware that scam operations can be EXTREMELY sophisticated and sound VERY legitimate, often involving many people, including travel agencies, references, etc. Again, NEVER SEND MONEY TO ANY CANDIDATE, no matter how legitimate and justified the scenario appears and no matter where they are located.

Following are some specifics which have been reported about the scams.

  • Candidates have originated from Cameroon (a nation in western Africa)
  • Candidate (or a representative or relative/father of the candidate) requests 1/2 of the airfare to get the candidate to the U.S. or Canada
  • A representative of the candidate may be referred to as a Colonel or Professor or Doctor.
  • Candidate situations, scenarios, and conversations may be very, very involved, detailed, and creative adding legitimacy to the candidate.
  • A picture of the supposed candidate may be sent.
  • A travel agent may be involved, and may send very official-looking itenerary/flight details.

Again, a family's best protection is to NEVER SEND MONEY. If you desire to pay for a candidate's relocation, possible alternatives to sending money include offering to reimburse a candidate once they have arrived at your location, or perhaps after they have been employed by you for a certain period of time.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at support@GoNannies.com or 877-GoNannies (877-466-2664).

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