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The following resources are provided to help families in the process of finding and hiring the best candidate possible.

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 Before You Hire
GoNannies.com Candidate Hire Kit - The GoNannies.com Hire Kit will make your screening and hiring process easier. GoNannies.com is proud to present you with a portfolio of forms you can use during your screening and hiring process. We recommend designating a binder for your nanny search and storing your forms in the binder. Each time you contact or interview a candidate, use the appropriate form and add it to that candidate’s file, along with a printout of her GoNannies profile. Store your files in your binder for organized and easy access.

   GoNannies.com Candidate Hire Kit
Candidate Tracking Log
  Print a copy of the Candidate Tracking Log and affix it to the inside cover of your binder for easy and frequent access.
Telephone Interview Form

    (includes sample questions)
  Print out several copies of the Telephone Interview Form and place them in your binder. Use one form per candidate.
In-Person Interview Form

    (Includes sample questions)
  Print out several copies of the In-Person Interview Form and place them in your binder. Use one form per candidate.
Employment Application
  Print out several copies of the Telephone Interview Form and place them in your binder. Use one form per candidate, if desired.
Reference Checking Form

    (includes sample questions)
  Print out several copies of the Telephone Interview Form and place them in your binder. Use one form per candidate.
Scam Warning - If you're considering relocating a candidate, be sure to read this scam warning.
Run a background check - Once you've identified the job seeker you're interested in hiring, we strongly encourage families to run a FULL background check on the individual before offering them the position. As a paid GoNannies member, you have access to view unlimited U.S. preliminary criminal background checks for free on any of our registered job seekers*, however, never rely solely on preliminary database-only checks (sometimes simply referred to as "Background Checks" by other companies). Always run a FULL background check on your final candidate which consists of both national checks and county court records checks.

We also offer a full range of affordable, supplemental background check services, including our more thorough Criminal Background Check Bundle. We also offer employment/reference checks, driving record checks, education verifications, and more. Visit Understanding Background Checks and How Background Checks Work to learn more about our services and background screening.

*Access subject to job seeker consent.

U.S. Work Eligibility/INS Information Bringing a household worker over from another country can be very challenging and in some cases not possible. Be informed about the costs, requirements, and feasibility of bringing a worker over from another country. We recommend that you contact INS and/or an immigration attorney if you are considering hiring a candidate from abroad. The links in this paragraph connect you to the INS page, which includes the telephone numbers you can call to ask questions. Their site also includes valuable information regarding work eligibility laws, regulations and guidelines.

 After You Hire
Household Employee Payroll & Taxes

GoNannies.com recommends families utilize one of the following affordable, full-service providers for their household employee payroll and taxes.

The Nation's Leader in Household
Tax & Payroll Services


Call for a free consultation!

GTM is your trusted source for Household Employee Payroll
Your trusted source since 1991
Payroll * Taxes * HR * Insurance
www.GTM.com    888.432.7972

Free Breedolve Resources:

Nanny Tax Calculator

Payroll & Tax
Frequently Asked Questions

Payroll and Tax Services by HomeWork Solutions Inc.
Nanny Payroll and Tax Services
HomeWork Solutions Inc.
800-NaniTax (800.626.4829)
$100 Registration Discount
Use Promo Code GoNannies.
Nanny Family Work Agreement

If you are hiring a nanny or other childcare provider, GoNannies recommends having your employee sign a work agreement to minimize the potential for any misunderstandings now or in the future. Use this comprehensive version as is, modify it to meet your needs or use any other agreement that you feel most comfortable with.

Nanny Log (essential for infants!)
Legal Resources
Legally Nanny provides the legal and tax advice you need to hire and pay a nanny, elder care provider or other household employee legally. They also assist household employers in drafting employment, confidentiality and severance agreements, and in defending and resolving disputes.

Worker's Compensation Insurance - Find out whether your state requires household employers to hold worker's compensation insurance or not. In most states, it is recommended that household employers go through their homeowner's insurance provider for worker's compensation coverage (exceptions include NH, NY and OH where there are requirements to purchase through the state). Often families are covered under their umbrella policy and don't realize it. If not already covered, a rider can usually be added to the policy over the phone. Click Here to find out what the requirements are for your state.

Health Insurance
  Eisenberg Associates offers healthcare insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, dental insurance and IRA-retirement plans for nannies. Visit their site or call their office at 1-800-777-5765 for more information.
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