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 Frequently Asked Questions about GoNannies.com
 Frequently Asked Questions about Site Usage
 Frequently Asked Questions about Background Check
 Frequently Asked Questions about Privacy and Security

 What is GoNannies.com?

GoNannies.com is the modern alternative to expensive placement agencies. We maintain a database of thousands of U.S. and U.S. bound candidates only, allowing families and caregivers the ability to quickly and securely find each other without the inconvenience and extra cost of an agency. Whether you're looking for a local candidate or are interested in relocating someone, the process is quick and easy with GoNannies.com!


 How do salaries work?

The candidates registered with our site are not employed by GoNannies and set their own rates which vary depending on location, responsibilities, etc. All candidates are required to identify their salary range (with the option of selecting "negotiable").The best way to determine the rates of candidates near you is to run a free zip code search on our site and look at the desired salaries of job seekers in your area with qualifications similar to what you need. There are no salary requirements at GoNannies.com. Any salaries listed have been provided by the candidates not by GoNannies. Salary requirements should always be discussed and/or confirmed directly with candidates.


 I've never had to hire anyone before...does GoNannies.com offer any guidelines to help with the hiring process?

Yes, there are several tools available to assist families in the process of finding and hiring a candidate. Visit the Family Resources page to review the complete list of resources, including our popular Telephone Interview Form and In-Person Interview Form.


 Are GoNannies.com candidates screened?

We are passionate about safety and make sure families are aware that our candidates are not screened. Instead, we provide the tools necessary for families to perform a thorough screening of any candidate they are considering hiring, including background checks, reference checking resources, interviewing tools, and information and guidance to help them perform all the critical screening steps.


 How much does it cost to become a GoNannies.com member?

Please visit our Family Registration page for membership rates.


 How do I go about hiring a candidate from another country?

Bringing someone over from another country can be very challenging and sometimes not even a possibility. Be informed about the costs, requirements, legal issues, and feasibility of bringing someone over from another country. We recommend that you contact the INS and/or an immigration attorney if you are considering this option. Our Family Resources Page includes the telephone numbers to call INS with any questions you may have. Browse the rest of their site as well to learn about work eligibility laws, regulations and guidelines.


 Does GoNannies facilitate the paperwork or visa sponsorship for international candidates?

No. GoNannies.com does not handle any paperwork pertaining to a candidate’s immigration status. Any paperwork pertaining to a candidate’s immigration status needs to be handled directly by the candidate and/or the employer.


 What is the difference between a FREE family membership and a PAID family membership?

The free family membership allows you to advertise your position on our site so that candidates may send you initial inquiries to let you know they are interested in your position. However, you will not be able to respond to messages or contact candidates directly until you upgrade to a paid membership.


 How do I take advantage of your “Find Them and Keep Them” Double Guarantee?

Simply contact our support (by email or phone) within the guarantee period (within 1 week of membership expiration date for “Find Them” guarantee and within 45 days of membership expiration date for “Keep Them” guarantee) and we will reinstate your account for a free 45-day membership period. You will be required to provide candidate ID Number (or other identifying info) for the “Keep Them” guarantee.


 How far in advance should I start looking for a candidate?

Unless your position is a particularly challenging one to fill, we typically recommend that you start your search about 2 months before you will need someone (no more than 3 months).  The reason is because most of the candidates registered with our site are either already available or will be in the very near future, so planning on interviewing and hiring too early will likely not be as fruitful.  You may, however, still look at the candidates registered on the site (it's free) until it is closer to the time just in case you see a candidate that seems ideal for you and she/he has indicated a start date that is close to your required date.


 Are GoNanies.com candidates certified?

Generally, if a candidate is certified in anything or holds any active licenses, it will be indicated on their profile. To confirm, you may ask the candidates directly if they have any type of certification, training, or license.


 Are GoNannies.com candidates bonded or insured?

Generally, bonding is done by an employer, and since we do not employ the candidates registered with our site, the candidates are not typically bonded. They may, however, have been bonded in the past or be independently bonded. To confirm, you may ask candidates if they are currently bonded or have been bonded in the past, but it will usually be indicated on their profile.


 How do I know if the candidates are available?

Candidates are encouraged to deactivate their account if they are no longer available. You may also view the candidates "last login date" to determine if they are actively looking for a position.


 I'm having trouble logging in.

If you're having trouble logging in, click the "HAVING TROUBLE LOGGING IN" link on the LOGIN PAGE to view all the possible reasons you may be having trouble.


 I have not received my password.

A confirmation email (including login information) is emailed to you after you complete registration with our site. If you have not received your confirmation email within an hour, check to see if your email system has routed our email to your SPAM or JUNK folder in error.

If you still can not locate your confirmation email, visit our FORGOT LOGIN page to have your login info re-sent to you.


 How do I contact a candidate?

To contact candidates, a family must register for a paid membership  then contact candidates directly.


 How do I renew my existing account?

To renew your account, log into your existing account and click the RENEW button. This will allow you to pay for a new period. All your previous profile information will remain in tact.


 How do I take advantage of your Find Them and Keep Them Double Guarantee?

Simply contact our support team (by email or phone) within the guarantee period (within 1 week of membership expiration date for the “Find Them” guarantee and within 45 days of membership expiration date for the “Keep Them” guarantee) and we will reinstate your account with a free 45-Day membership. You will be required to provide a candidate ID Number (or other identifying info) to redeem the “Keep Them” guarantee.


 How do I deactivate or reactivate my account?

You may deactivate and re-activate your account as many times as you like as long as it is prior to your original expiration date. To deactivate your account, log in to your account and click the Deactivate Account menu item. To reactivate your account, log in and click the Reactivate button.


 How do I make changes to my account or profile?

1) Log in to your account.
2) Click the MODIFY ACCOUNT link located immediately beneath your tabs.
3) Click the MODIFY button for the appropriate section you want to modify.
4) Make desired changes and click CONTINUE to save.


 Can I run a purchased background check on a potential employee who is NOT registered with your site?

Yes, our background checks may be run on any candidate, whether they are registered with our site or not.


 What is included in the free preliminary background check?

Preliminary criminal background checks include a social security number verification (to find the names and addresses used by an applicant), and a nationwide database repository search of criminal and sex offender records by participating counties (not all counties contribute to database repositories).


 How do I request free access to a preliminary background check already on file for a job seeker?

To request a free preliminary criminal database check on a job seeker, follow these easy steps:

1. Log into your GoNannies account.

2. Click the “Search Candidates” tab located near the top of your Account Summary page, and search to find the job seeker on whom you want to run the check.

3. From the job seeker's detailed profile page, select the “Request Access to Free Background Check” button and submit the resulting request.


 How do I request a free background check on a candidate who does not already have a background check on file?

Even if a job seeker does not yet have a background check on file, you may request that they add one at any time. Simply click the link to request access to a background check directly from the job seeker's profile.


 What happens once I request to view the free preliminary background check on a job seeker?

According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) the job seeker must authorize you to view their background check. Once you request access to view the preliminary background check on file of a job seeker, the job seeker may approve or disapprove access. If the job seeker approves, you will be notified via email that the check is available for viewing in the Background Check section of your account. If the job seeker does not approve, it may be that they are not interested in your position or they are not yet comfortable releasing the information to you. Due to the sensitive information included in background checks, job seekers will typically only release their background check information to a family they have at least spoken with and preferably met, so we recommend speaking with or meeting a job seeker prior to requesting to view the background check.


 I have already viewed a job seeker's preliminary background check. What criminal background checks should I purchase to supplement this check?

Families should order and run our FULL Criminal Background Check Bundle on their final candidate. Our FULL bundle includes all the checks run in a preliminary check PLUS unlimited on-site county checks based on the addresses revealed from the SSN verification.

Additionally, GoNannies offers a full range of supplemental background check services including employment/reference checks, driving record checks, academic/education verification, and more, allowing our families to be as thorough as they need to be in their screening process.


 What criminal background check bundle should I purchase if the candidate does not wish to or is unable to run the preliminary background check on themselves but is willing to allow me to purchase and run a background check on them?

If the candidate does not wish to run the preliminary background check on themselves, but will allow you to run a background check on them, you may order our Criminal Background Check Bundle which includes all the checks run in our preliminary background check PLUS unlimited on-site county checks based on addresses revealed by the SSN verification.


 I am a registered GoNannies family. How do I purchase additional background check services?

To purchase additional background check services, simply login to your GoNannies account and click the “Add More Services” button. This will allow you to select and purchase your desired services.


 If the candidate already has a background check on file, why should I purchase a Criminal Background Check Bundle?

If a candidate has a current FULL background check on file, there is no need for you to run one (unless you want a more up-to-date report than when the candidate had it run). However, if they only have a PRELIMINARY background check on file, we strongly recommend you still run a FULL background check prior to offering them a position since PRELIMINARY checks are primarily based on information from database repositories. Since not all counties provide their information to database repositories, a Preliminary check may not include some criminal offenses. So use preliminary background checks as an early part of your screening process as you narrow your pool of candidates, then save your FULL background check for your FINAL candidates.


 How long after I purchase a background check do I have to actually have it run?

All background checks must be run (redeemed) within 60 days of purchase or within 60 days after a membership period WHICH WAS PURCHASED AT THE SAME TIME expires (whichever date is later).


 Can I receive a refund for background checks that I purchase but don’t actually run?

Verifications purchased independently (NOT as a part of our preconfigured, predefined packages) are eligible for a refund subject to the following rules:

All background checks must be run (redeemed) within 60 days of purchase or within 60 days after a membership period WHICH WAS PURCHASED AT THE SAME TIME expires (whichever date is later). You may alternately request a refund within that same period for background checks which have not yet been redeemed. All Refunds are subject to a $10.95 service fee. Once the period of redemption/refund has passed, the background check may neither be redeemed nor refunded.

Note: All Verifications included in one of our preconfigured, predefined packages are NOT eligible for refund as those packages are specially priced and individual package component prices do not exist for those packages.


 Is my information ever shared with any 3rd parties?

As outlined in our privacy policy, GoNannies.com does not share any candidate or family information with any 3rd parties unless required by law or other legal mandate. Member information is otherwise only displayed to candidate and family users of this site, as outlined in our privacy policy.


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