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DomestiShare™ Information
DomestiShare™ - a Nanny

DomestiShare™ is a free nanny share service that allows families to find other families who are interested in sharing a nanny between each other. GoNannies DomestiShare™ members enjoy the benefits of shared nanny cost, incredibly low caregiver-child ratios, important socialization and interaction with other children, decreased exposure to illnesses, and the many conveniences of having the care provided right in your own home!

Whether you already have a nanny or domestic helper, or if you need to find both a nanny and a nanny share family, GoNannies makes the process simple and affordable.

# Why DomestiShare™?
> For those families who thought hiring a nanny was out of your budget, a nanny share is the solution for you! Give your family the full benefit of quality in-home care, but share the cost of nanny services with another family. Not only does this offer your child(ren) more one-on-one interaction with their nanny than they would receive in a daycare setting, it also allows you to afford a more experienced and qualified nanny.
> Allowing your child to socialize with other children is such a vital part of their development. Through a nanny share arrangement, you can offer your child the benefit of having regular interaction with another child, while still being able to control important parts of their day, such as the meals they eat and their daily activities and schedules.
> Any parent with a child in daycare can attest to the increased risk of illnesses that comes along with that environment. Since your child is not around as many children, your child will likely not be sick as often. A healthier family is a happier family!
> Attract even more interest in your position by offering higher salaries! Since you are splitting the cost, you can afford to pay a nanny more than you might otherwise have been able to afford. Families still pay drastically less than they would without shared care and nannies get slightly higher salaries than they would normally. This is great incentive for a nanny to participate in a nanny share arrangement. Also, a higher paid nanny is typically happier and as a result will stay with your family longer.
> No more having to wake up earlier than necessary to get the children off to daycare – the nanny can get them ready according to your desired schedule for them. Additionally, standard nanny positions include keeping the children’s areas neat, organized and tidy and doing the children’s laundry.
> GoNannies offers the convenience of not only being able to find a nannyshare family, but we’re also the best resource to find a nanny or domestic helper too! Once you have found your nanny share family and nanny, use our background check services to perform your screening. GoNannies is the one-stop shop for all your needs, saving you time and money!
# Ways DomestiShare™ Can Work for Your Family
> The most common DomestiShare™ arrangement would be a shared service, which is usually most appropriate for "nanny share" positions. In this arrangement, one nanny would care for the children of two families at the same time at either one or both of the homes. The greatest benefits of this arrangement are shared cost and the ability to provide your child with regular interaction with another child.
> This arrangement works best for families who only need a nanny or domestic helper part-time, but have a candidate who needs full-time hours. In a split service arrangement, families can find another family to supplement the hours they are offering their nanny or domestic helper. The advantage to this arrangement is being able to provide a nanny or domestic helper with the hours they need, thus keeping your candidate happy and hopefully avoiding turnover. Additionally, this option will often allow families a larger pool of candidates from which to choose since part-time-seeking families may also consider full-time candidates. Since the domestic helper would be providing services on an individual basis, each family would typically pay the candidate for the hours they work directly for their family.
# How It Works
> PREVIEW FAMILIES  Search the GoNannies.com database free and find other families who meet your criteria. Unregistered families may browse to preview detailed profiles of DomestiShare™ families for FREE, but will not have access to family contact information unless they register.
> REGISTER  Once you've found a family (or families) you'd like to contact, go to the Family Registration page to select your desired membership level and options, pay for your membership, and post your DomestiShare™ listing (optional).
> FIND & INTERVIEW FAMILIES!  Log in to GoNannies.com and obtain the contact information of those families which interest you. Contact families directly and conduct telephone and in-person interviews as appropriate. (Be sure to visit our Family Resources page and utilize the tools to help you during this process).

DOMESTISHARE™ FAMILIES FIND YOU!  Remember that if you decide to make your listing available for families to view (this is not required), they may be contacting you, too. So be prepared to receive inquiries about your DomestiShare™ listing.
> SCREEN YOUR DOMESTISHARE™ FAMILY  Conduct reference checks and background checks as appropriate. GoNannies offers an extensive list of background check services for our families. You should be comfortable with another family running a background check on you, as well, if services will be shared in your home.
> Find A Candidate  Work with your chosen DomestiShare™ family to find the right candidate to meet your needs. Utilize our GoNannies membership, resources, and information to help you with this process. To speed up the process, you may begin searching for candidates even before you find a DomestiShare™ family.
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