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Job Seeker Profile
Greg    (ID#: 299690)
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Online References:
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 Candidate Description
Currently resides in: Gulfport, MS
Age: 57
Gender: M
Languages spoken: English
Smoking status: Non-smoking
Candidate self-description: My calling in life is helping others! I believe I could be a real asset to any family. I am mature, have much experience with all age groups & all levels of mental and physical capability, have much wisdom to share, very well traveled within the USA & its surrounding territories, educated, physically fit, very health conscious, very caring, nurturing, compassionate, empathetic, have a strong understanding of child development(College Based Psychology Courses & personal experience), very patient & also a live-in care-giving job will greatly enhance my ability to achieve my educational(Degree Related via CLEP Exams), healthcare & fitness certification goals via home study.

Over the past 10 years I have worked on and off as a live-in caregiver. It consisted of three long term jobs and other families on a short term basis. In late 2019 I assisted a family with their retired Physician father in West Los Angeles. In the Spring of 2019 I assisted a former employer in Aiken, SC who suffered a slip and fall brain injury.
Prior to that I assisted a family in Western Iowa with their elderly parents who were 93 and 95. Prior to that I assisted an elderly Italian gentleman in Saugerties, NY who was 90 years of age.
For roughly 18 months 24/7 I assisted an elderly gentleman(92). I moved twice with the family from Wichita, KS to Aiken, SC to Burnsville, NC.

In addition from JAN 2010 to DEC 2011 I worked for and lived with a Medical Student, his wife & 4 children in The University of South Dakota Region . I helped take care of their 4 young children (3 girls and 1 boy)(6 months to 6 years of age), two dogs and one cat. I also helped keep their house clean,cooked dinner and I also did a great deal of yard work.

I also assisted a family in Central New Jersey with their 10 year old Special Needs son for 8 months while the mother looked after her ill sister in South Jersey and the father traveled worldwide in his job.

Additional Experience:
Additional information: ***Assisted a 92 year old Retired Physician (General Surgeon) whom I met working as a Physical Therapy Aide in Wichita Falls, TX.
***Also assisted a former Assistant Surgeon General who was 95 years of age when I worked at Big Bend National Park, Texas in 2005.
***Worked as Physical Therapy Aide(No Degree Required)Rehab. Hospital, in Wichita Falls,TX (Worked with all age groups) Floor(Ambulation & Balance), Mat(Supine position) & Aquatics Therapy.
***Worked as an Occupational Therapy Aide in Nursing Home located in Gate City, VA
***Massage Therapist & Personal Fitness Trainer(Normal Profession) 10 plus years: Have worked with individuals of all ages and all levels of Physical & Mental Capability. Many Seniors while living in Florida (Daytona Beach & The Space Coast)
*** I greatly appreciate the small percentage of families who give or have given me hiring consideration. Regardless of your decision I wish you all much happiness, success and the very best in life!

I believe that my wisdom, education, work related experience and my great desire to work with and help others will only be an asset to any family that desires to hire me and utilize my services. I am willing to commit to a family long term if needed. Once again a live-in position would greatly enhance my chances of achieving my educational goals. I can accomplish many educational without leaving the home through online coursework. If you desire to learn more about me I am free to SKYPE or you can view my face book page when requested. Thank you very much for taking the time to view my Go Nannies profile! Please take care and have a great day!
Candidate's challenges of position: Trying to persuade families that a mature Christian/God Fearing male who is an experienced caregiver/housekeeper along with being educated, honest, sincere, caring, compassionate, wise, very health conscious, physically active and also has a very diverse background could be a good fit for many families.
Candidate's rewards of position: The great joy and satisfaction of working with and helping others.

 Job Preferences
Available Starting: 10/1/2020
Type of job desired: Nanny
Nanny with Housekeeping responsibilities
Nanny with Household Manager responsibilities
Nanny with Governess responsibilities
Mother's Helper/Parent's Helper
Senior Caregiver
Personal Assistant (Non-Childcare)
Household Manager (Non-Childcare)
Governess (Non-Childcare)
Salary desired: Salary Negotiable
Position term: Less than 3 months
3-12 months
1 - 2 years
greater than 2 years
Summer Position
Occasional/As Needed
Backup Care/Short Notice Assignments
Position status desired: Either Full Time or Part Time
Living arrangements desired: Live-In
Days of the week/Times of the day available: Weekdays
Available to work in All 50 U.S. States: No
Willing to work in: WY, WV, WI, WA, VT, VI, VA, UT, TX, TN, SD, SC, RI, PR, PA, OR, OK, OH, NY, NV, NM, NJ, NH, NE, ND, NC, MT, MS, MO, MN, MI, ME, MD, MA, LA, KY, KS, IN, IL, ID, IA, HI, GA, FL, DE, DC, CT, CO, CA, AZ, AR, AL
Duties willing to perform: Cooking for children
Cleaning up after children
Running errands
Preparing child meals
Preparing family meals
Transporting TO/FROM School or Activities
Children's Laundry
Parent's Laundry
Helping children with homework
Limited/light housekeeping
Caring for pets
Answering phone
Accepting packages
Occasional supervision of childrens friends/guests
Candidate is willing to travel with the family: Yes
Candidate has a valid Driver's License: Yes
Candidate has a vehicle they are willing to use on the job: No
Benefits desired: Negotiable

Years of related experience: 7
Number of related positions held: 8
Previous positions held: Nanny
Day Care
Mother's Helper/Parent’s Helper
Household Manager
Personal Assistant
Elder Companion/Caregiver
36 months Elder care experience, 36 months(Male Nanny)Family Assistant Experience & 7 Summers working in a Residential Camp Setting 24/7 with children and adults who were mentally and or physically challenged.
Number of professional references willing to provide: 5
Has cared for: Newborn/Under 1 year of age
Toddlers/1 - 4 years of age
Young Children/5 - 10 years of age
Pre-teens/over 10 years of age
Special Needs children
Special Needs Adults
Education: Graduated High School or Equivalent
Some College
CPR Training
First Aid Training
College Child Education Courses
Certified Elder Care Training
Schedule: Candidate has indicated that some of the hours below are flexible or negotiable

Available to Work = Available to Work

From - ToSunMonTueWedThuFriSat
5AM - 6AM *******
6AM - 7AM *******
7AM - 8AM *******
8AM - 9AM *******
9AM - 10AM *******
10AM - 11AM *******
11AM - 12PM *******
12PM - 1PM *******
1PM - 2PM *******
2PM - 3PM *******
3PM - 4PM *******
4PM - 5PM *******
5PM - 6PM *******
6PM - 7PM *******
7PM - 8PM *******
8PM - 9PM *******
9PM - 10PM *******
10PM - 11PM *******
11PM - 12AM *******
12AM - 1AM *******
1AM - 2AM *******
2AM - 3AM *******
3AM - 4AM *******
4AM - 5AM *******
 I would be very flexible if I am needed anytime on a 24/7 basis especially if the parent(s) need(s) to travel out of town or decide to stay out later into the evening and or early morning hours.
Last Signed In:   9/28/2020

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