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Tami E    (ID#: 150602)
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 Candidate Description
Currently resides in: Dallas, TX
Age: 48
Gender: F
Languages spoken: English
Smoking status: Non-smoking
Candidate self-description: As far back as I can remember childcare has been my career choice. As a little girl, I wanted to someday open a daycare center in my home. I planned how to run the program, what the center would look like, and what activities we would do; even drawing floor plans for the classroom and playground.

There are a number of reasons why I prefer being a nanny. At college, I studied Daycare Services and Administration, learning all that would be involved in setting up and running a daycare center. I wanted to care for children, but not as a teacher in a classroom. I thought working in a daycare center would provide that satisfying job, but it was not as individualized as I wanted. I was looking for something more personal; one on one. After my first full-time nanny position, I realized that this is what I had been looking for. By becoming a nanny I can have the impact of a teacher without my attention being divided by a full classroom.

I enjoy working with children 5 years of age and younger. At this early stage, they learn from their daily routines and activities, in their own environments; which I believe to be very beneficial. I prefer the home as a working environment where I do not have to follow a curriculum, set up a classroom everyday or consult with an entire teaching staff. I like to take a child's interest and turn it into a learning experience. Independence, self-confidence, trust, friendship, compassion, sharing, cooperation as well as educational subjects like letters, numbers, colors, shapes, names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. are some things I enjoy teaching. Visiting places like the library, zoo, playgroups, parks, as well as the grocery store, post office, and bank are great places to learn and have fun.

Children give me a joy words cannot express. The hugs, kisses, smiles and laughter of a child gives me a satisfaction I have not been able to obtain anywhere else. In order for a child to grow-up and become a self-sufficient, co
Additional information: Childcare Philosophy

I believe children learn through imitation and repetition. Communication is a key ingredient in childcare. It plays a part in all aspects of development, such as: language; discipline; expression of feelings; respect and independence. When a child is spoken to clearly and precisely, by being given explanations and choices, they are being respected (even if they cannot understand yet). As children grow, they learn to express feelings, needs and wants through proper communication, if this is modeled correctly from a young age. When children learn how to clearly express their feelings, choices and ideas, then they are on their way to becoming self-sufficient adults.

Respect and communication can begin by explaining everyday things: imitating babies sounds along with full, clear pronunciation of words; listening to and reading stories; singing songs; and telling the step by step process of all daily activities such as changing a diaper or putting dishes away. Giving children choices or saying things like, "Would you like to wear red or blue today?" are all simple ways of communicating that set the proper environment for concepts of independence, decision making and self-sufficiency.

An explanation of why behaviors are right or wrong and how to change the behavior to what is appropriate and acceptable, at the child's eye level is the way I like to communicate when disciplining children. I do not believe a child should be told they are a bad boy or girl. Discipline should be spoken in regard to actions and behaviors. Children should always be respected by being told they are loved and it is the behavior that is upsetting.

Role modeling is an essential role of a nanny. Since children learn from watching others, nannies should speak and act as they would like the child(ren) they are in charge of to speak and act. When an adult communicates effectively with a child, the child will begin to trust and respect the adult and begin develo
Candidate's challenges of position: Just making sure Nanny and Parents are on the same page in all areas of childcare, discipline and goals.
Candidate's rewards of position: About my Nanny Career:

I feel like I am the luckiest person in the world to be a career nanny. I will do this for the rest of my life.

This field gives me the opportunity to use my talent for connecting with children.

I feel blessed and privileged to have helped raised so many children.

I cannot think of another job where work is play.

I love watching children learn new things.

In this field, I feel like I am making a difference in people's lives.

The best part of my job is the hugs, kisses, smiles and "I love you's."

I not only meet great children, but also great parents.

I learn as much from the children as they learn from me (parents too).

By being a nanny, I get to extend my family.


 Job Preferences
Available Starting: 9/5/2012
Type of job desired: Nanny
Salary desired: Salary Negotiable
Position term: 1 - 2 years
greater than 2 years
Position status desired: Full Time
Living arrangements desired: Live-Out
Days of the week/Times of the day available: Weekdays
Available to work in All 50 U.S. States: No
Willing to work in: TX
Duties willing to perform: Cooking for children
Cleaning up after children
Preparing child meals
Transporting TO/FROM School or Activities
Children's Laundry
Occasional supervision of childrens friends/guests
Candidate is willing to travel with the family: No
Candidate has a valid Driver's License: Yes
Candidate has a vehicle they are willing to use on the job: Yes
Benefits desired: Paid Holidays
Paid Vacation
Paid Sick

Years of related experience: 11
Number of related positions held: 10
Previous positions held: Nanny
Day Care
Number of professional references willing to provide: 15
Has cared for: Newborn/Under 1 year of age
Toddlers/1 - 4 years of age
Young Children/5 - 10 years of age
Education: Graduated High School or Equivalent
Associates Degree
Bachelor's Degree
Certified Nanny Training
CPR Training
First Aid Training
College Child Education Courses

Available to Work = Available to Work

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5AM - 6AM
6AM - 7AM
7AM - 8AM *****
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Last Signed In:   10/30/2022

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