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Nanny & Child

GoNannies.com helped me find a wonderful family to work for. I posted my profile and someone called me the next morning. Your website was the best thing that I ever did. Thank you!!!'

   -- Katrina - Airmont, NY

Job Seekers

Free Registration! Job Seekers register now to search and view available nanny jobs, housekeeper jobs, senior care jobs, sitter jobs, childcare jobs and more! Post your profile now to find your ideal job. Once registered, you can view available jobs and contact families directly. Also, since your profile will be posted, interested families will contact you!

You may register for one or more of the following job types on GoNannies.com:

  • Nanny Jobs
  • Nanny/Housekeeper Jobs
  • Nanny/Household Manager Jobs
  • Nanny/Governess Jobs
  • Housekeeper Jobs/Maid Jobs
  • Elder Care Jobs/Senior Care Jobs
  • Personal Assistant (Non-Childcare) Jobs
  • Sitter Jobs
  • Mother's Helper Jobs
  • Licensed In-Home Daycare
  • Doula Jobs (Birth)
  • Doula Jobs (Post-partum)
  • Newborn Specialist Jobs
  • Household Manager Jobs
  • Personal Chef Jobs (Non-Childcare)
  • Governess Jobs (Non-Childcare)
  • Domestic Couple Jobs

 Bullet  How It Works

Register You'll be guided through a brief interview where you'll answer several questions which will allows GoNannies.com to create your profile to be viewed by GoNannies.com families. This step generally takes a few minutes.


Find a Job! Once your account has been activated, log in to GoNannies.com and begin searching for your perfect job!


Families Find You! Remember that Families will be looking for you, too. So be prepared to receive inquiries about your profile posting.


Contact & Interview Work directly with families, discussing and interviewing for positions until you find your ideal job!


 Bullet  What you Get


Free!!! Job seekers can register to find jobs completely FREE! Enhanced paid memberships and options are also available to give your job search an added boost!


Search You'll have access to filter, search, and review the job postings of GoNannies.com families.


Lots of Jobs GoNannies.com advertises to families all over the United States and Canada via the web as well as in several national and local publications. This results in a large pool of available nanny jobs, senior care jobs, housekeeper jobs, sitter jobs, childcare jobs & more on GoNannies.com.


Exposure Your profile will be made available to all GoNannies.com families seeking to hire in-home care.


Watch List  Families Maintain a list of your "Watch List Families" directly on the site.


Resources You'll have access to all GoNannies.com resources for job seekers, including forms, information, and other valuable resources.


Save Time Registering with GoNannies.com takes only minutes vs. the time consuming process of traveling to a placement agency and meeting with representatives there.


Fast Results Many GoNannies.com candidates find a job within a week of registering or soon after!


No Middleman There's no 3rd party placement agency passing along your information second hand. Contact and be contacted by families directly!


Convenience Log in to your account anytime at your convenience to look for jobs, change your account information, etc. The site is available whenever you are!


Control You get the benefit of the multiple site features which allow you to manage your own account and control exactly what jobs you want to see.

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