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Becoming a Babysitter

Whether for a work meeting or a date night, parents who are looking for short-term or occasional childcare, may require the services of a babysitter. For parents who have a regular childcare provider, having a pool of prescreened, qualified babysitters who know the family’s children can make securing back-up care easier.

When hiring a babysitter, parents can handpick their child care provider and as the employer, can set the schedule, hours, responsibilities and hourly rate of their babysitter.

Babysitters are responsible for keeping the children safe and cared for in their parent’s absence. This may include playing with the children, making sure the children are fed according to the parents' instructions and providing for the well-being of the children while the parents are away. Typically parents provide the babysitter with an overview of the schedule and an outline of the tasks that will need to be accomplished during the parent’s time away. This may include a list of preapproved snack or meal choices and times to provide them, helping with homework and the time the children should go to bed. Babysitters who are charged with putting the children to bed will typically follow the parent’s routine which may include giving a bath, reading a story and putting the children into bed. Unlike a nanny, a sitter isn’t typically involved in fostering the social, emotional, intellectual and physical development of the children in her care on a daily basis.

For individuals with childcare experience and those who have a genuine love for children, working as a babysitter can be a great way to earn money while doing something they enjoy. Babysitters must have good judgment and know how to handle an emergency. Since they are providing childcare in the family’s home, they must also be honest and trustworthy. Since parents depend on babysitters so that they can fulfill their personal and professional obligations, babysitters must also be dependable and reliable. Individuals who are considering a career as a nanny may wish to gain extensive babysitting experience prior to apply for a full-time nanny position.

Regardless of how parents find their babysitter, it is essential that they take the time to know who they are considering to care for their children. Parents must gather as much information as possible about potential nannies, including personal information, education, experience and work history, so that they can make an educated and informed hiring decision. But parents must do more than gather information. They must confirm its authenticity by conducting a thorough background screening and criminal records checks.

Whether you’re looking to hire a babysitter or be one yourself, if you want to be in control of your search GoNannies is a great source for finding babysitters and babysitter jobs.

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